The Year in Hate – Southern Poverty Law Center

If energy is never lost, only transferred, then look at where hate goes. When you practice hatred towards migrants, even if you don’t agree with these racist and prejudiced groups, they get your energy. That’s why these groups are growing when so many of us thought they’d just gone away. Since anger begets anger and hate breeds hate these groups will continue to proliferate as long as anti-migrant sentiment provides the fuel for their fire.

The Year in Hate – Southern Poverty Law Center
Active U.S. Hate Groups Rise to 888 in 2007
By David Holthouse and Mark Potok

Sheriff’s deputies gunned down by “Aryan” gangsters in Bastrop, La. Tax protesters with bombs arrested in New Hampshire. Gun-toting white supremacists marching in Jena, La. A police officer murdered in Salt Lake City. Nativist leaders demanding sniper teams and mines along the Mexican border. Calls for assassinating politicians, immigrants and Jews. Rapidly spreading racist conspiracy theories.


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