Hate Crimes Tied to Immigration Debate? – ABC News

Hate Crimes Tied to Immigration Debate? – ABC News
Civil Rights Group Says Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Driving Increase in Hate Crimes
March 10, 2008The national immigration debate is driving up the number of hate groups in the country and fueling attacks against Hispanics, according to a report released today by a civil rights group.

Of course FAIR got to throw some comments in:

“There is no level of hate crime that is acceptable — period,” said Bob Dane, the group’s spokesman.

Dane criticized the center’s report as biased and misleading, and accused it of attempting to smear FAIR and trying to stop valid discussion on immigration

“It’s not about stopping the hate, it’s about stopping the debate,” he said.

FAIR can say all they want, but the truth is their rhetoric is fueling hate groups. Not to mention there founder believes that:

As whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?

That doesn’t sound like rhetoric that would fuel hate groups does it? What’s the explosion that John is speaking of?


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