Various Ways To Vilify Migrants

…especially (if not exclusively) if they’re Hispanic.

Illegal immigration has got to stop – The Tufts Daily
Daniel Hartman
Issue date: 3/12/08 Section: Op-Ed

The United States is a nation of laws. When government leaders do not enforce those laws, we begin to see the breakdown of our republic. This is the simplest, most basic and clearest argument against the practice of illegal immigration, which occurs more than three thousand times a day in America.

This article is full of issues, but the idea is that undocumented migrants are breaking the law and that the law is all we got so if we don’t enforce it (even if it makes no sense) then we’re all doomed. This article his heavily weighed, and does mention Mexico, but isn’t too insulting to migrants.

But don’t worry because the commenters will give this article the ‘bump’ it needs. Take it away Wes!

Wes McKnight
posted 3/12/08 @ 1:32 PM EST

Let’s just give these Mexican’s — the state of New Mexico and see how fast
they destroy it, that should end any claim they have, then we can herd them
back to their third world — backword — currupt worthless government, and we can say at least we gave them a chance !
We are at war — they are killing Americans at a higher rate than in Iraq.
they are destroying our country economically and our politicians are to ignorant to see that or they just don’t care !

Wake-up America, they are killing us from within…………

This comparison to deaths in the U.S. by the hands of criminals that happen to be undocumented against soldiers in Iraq is one of the most obscene attempts to vilify migrants yet. Do these people get excited every time they read Illegal Immigrant (insert crime here)? Where were these people while U.S. citizens have been killing each other at a far greater rate? I don’t see anyone saying we kill more of our own people than the Iraqi’s, whom we invaded, do. Apparently death is not important unless is was brought by the hand of an undocumented migrants.

posted 3/12/08 @ 2:22 PM EST
1.) Build the fence. The latest tactic being used by the illegal invaders is to overwhelm the Border Patrol by coming across in large groups (100+). Only a physical fence can defeat this tactic.

2.) Implement the same immigration law that Mexico itself uses.

Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says,
“A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally.” (Article 123)

Within a month, word will get out and illegal entry will slow to a trickle.

3.) Self deportation by cutting off their lifeline, jobs, welfare and other social services.

Another strange tactic is referencing a country these nativists have no respect for and asking that we enact the same ‘tough’ laws. Maybe we should just concede Mexico’s land back to them and then their laws would be in effect in those southern states.  I guess that would make these nativists happy.

posted 3/12/08 @ 4:40 PM EST
Mr. Hartman hasn’t been keeping up with the times! He says “there are 12 to 20 million illegals in the U.S.”. Oh, really? Try 40 million! Has he heard of the most recent and thorough study of the “numbers” issue? He should read the lengthy CAPS Study from October 2007 at

In early Jan. 2005, Bear Stearns came out with their report on the “numbers” using 2004 data–20 million:

It ain’t 12 million! The CAPS Study stated it was between 20 and 38 million, and many of the panelists in the Study concluded it is likely even higher.

Another tactic is to explode the number of people here without documentation. This is an area these anti-migrants can’t seem to get a handle on. Soon it’ll be 300 million.

posted 3/12/08 @ 7:22 PM EST
The real racists are the ones exploiting the illegals for slaves wages. Someone should ask ExPres Fox why a wealthy country like Mexico has not created jobs for their people instead of forcing them to risk their lifes to cross the border to feed their children. Ask him why he allowed American companies to move into Mexico and pay their people slaves wages. Ask the racists business owners why they are exploiting these people for working these people at picking tomaoes for $10 a day. While businesses are reaping the benefits of low wages we are paying billions a year in welfare, free med, etc. We are trying to save America. We are trying to save our flag. Many battles have been fought for our freedom and country.And by agreeing to let another country take over America you are the racist.

The next argument is the reverse racism argument. This implies that the nativist is the true hero and anyone that fights for migrant rights is a villain. Somehow they have themselves convinced that advocating for migrants is akin to supporting slavery.

These are just a few examples of how to vilify migrants. Visit anti-migrant message boards and immigration articles everywhere for more, and often worse, examples.


1 thought on “Various Ways To Vilify Migrants”

  1. So everyone that believes is the law is a racist. Ok makes seance to me. Thanks for clearing that up. You just might be the most pompous person walking the earth.

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