HisPanic by Geraldo Rivera and Those That Will Never Read It

In the latest Eristic Ragemail post we learn of the many nativists clogging the Amazon.com review section for Geraldo Rivera’s book titled “His Panic.” This is actually a book I’m reading now, but I’ll review it in another post. What I’ll do here is reference the Eristic Ragemail post which covers the terrible trend of bashing things one has never taken the time to get to know, or in this case, read. In addition I’ll provide a few quotes from the book. Please visit Eristic Ragemail for a more thorough read regarding the Amazon.com posts.

From this post we find a list of nativists who have used Amazon.com as another vehicle for their hatred.

The most vocal and revealing commentators included Clarisa “Heather” McDonald, Zeezil, “stoptheinvasion”, JDunn58 and most self-incriminating, E. Baumgartner, of Jewish descent and from New York City. I will refer to this group as the nativists.


Now I don’t know much about the other names, but I know Zeezil is a screen name used by a person who posts over at Immigration Watch Dog. He also posts at many other anti-migrant sites including One Old Vet. So it’s no surprise that he’d be bashing a book he’s never read. It makes you think how much of anything this person has ever read.

Here’s a quote from “HisPanic” which I believe accurately describes people like Zeezil:

Just as I believe the vast majority of Americans most emotionally opposed to amnesty for immigrants have never met one, I also suspect that those most offended by the public use of Spanish and other languages speak on ly English and have not traveled extensively. Nativism is an ugly brew best savored in cultural isolation. I was going to say “ignorance,” but that is too French. And while it is a recurring theme in our national history, there is also a more honorable tradition of open-minded welcome.

I’ll provide some other quotes from the book as well.

A statement from a interview between Geraldo and Ray Kelly, New York City Police Commissioner:

We have a policy here that we serve everybody, irrespective of their immigration status. We don’t ask that question. it’s not an issue for the city police department or other city agencies. This is a city that’s focused on servicing the people who live here and come here and we’re not a federal immigration agency. We don’t enforce those rules.

Geraldo also goes on to cite the fact that our only verified terrorist caught trying to enter the country came through Canada. So why is the fortification of the southern border more important?

In addition, he speaks to the role of Homeland Security which is supposed to be protecting us from terrorists. Instead the officers of ICE dress up like they’re going to war and raid businesses where terrified men and women beg to go home to their children.

So what work does the Department of Homeland Security carry out in this climate of immigrant crackdown? In late August 2007, a contingent of 300 ICE agents descended on the Koch Food plant in Fairfield, Ohio, arresting 160 people after a purported two-year investigation. A two year investigation? It took ICE that long to figure out that some of the worker sat a poultry processing plant were illegal aliens? Two Boy Scouts could have done the job in half a day. ICE might as well order pizzas in Manhattan and then arrest the almost invariably illegal delivery boys. And this is about security?

There are clearly some good points in the book and after I’ve finished reading it I’ll post my review. I do believe that Geraldo attempts to understand the sentiment of some Americans that have been duped by the anti-migrant groups while at the same time calling out those who are just hatefully arrogant and attempting to pump fear into this issue.


2 thoughts on “HisPanic by Geraldo Rivera and Those That Will Never Read It”

  1. After many years of working with Hispanic men I have become totally convinced that between their deep set racism and horrible sexism granting amnesty is WRONG. I do like like some of them but they will never accept any culture but their own and many times i have been told that I should learn to speak Spanish?

    1. really? maybe you see what you want to sometimes or maybe you’re not working around the right people. there are terrible people everywhere – people that treat others poorly, people that cheat, people that hate, but there are also good people too. no culture is all good or all bad – people are people in the end.

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