Illegal Immigration Issues Attract Little Interest Outside N.Va. – Washington Post


Illegal Immigration Issues Attract Little Interest Outside N.Va. – Washington Post
By Anita Kumar
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, March 15, 2008; Page B01

RICHMOND, March 14 — A divided Virginia General Assembly killed most proposals to crack down on illegal immigration during its annual session, despite legislators’ repeated pledges to address the growing population in last fall’s campaign.

Of the 130 immigration bills introduced, only a handful passed before the legislature finished Thursday. The bills that would have penalized illegal immigrants died during the session, a sign that the issue lacks a sense of urgency statewide.

“I think the problem here is that there are not enough localities that are feeling the same pain as exploding localities like Prince William,” said Del. Paul F. Nichols (D-Prince William). “It’s frustrating.”
The number of immigration bills introduced in the two-month legislative session was the highest in recent years. More than 100 originated from the Republican-controlled House, where many were approved before the Democrat-controlled Senate killed them.


2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Issues Attract Little Interest Outside N.Va. – Washington Post”

  1. The liberals have created this mess in the first place, at every level of government, and it might be of benefit for them to look at the capital of liberalism, California. That state is in self destruct mod because of these parasites, so, what does the genius governor do, cut all services by 10%. This is wildly insane when the statistics for the cost of illegal immigration to the state is almost identical to the states short fall.
    Be prepared to be next.

  2. I believe it’s widely insane and hideous to refer to people as “parasites”. Please explain exactly what people you’re referring to.

    Also, how do you figure ‘liberals’ created this mess? Any mess we’re in, by my account, has been caused by our governments constant catering to large corporations which do not have the public’s interest in mind. Was Ken Lay a liberal? I do believe his Texas company caused a great deal of economic pain to California.

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