Post-mortems begin for immigration bill – Indianapolis Star


Regardless of the legal issues in this immigration debate the truth is it has become more about race and country of origin than about immigration law itself. When you look at anti-migrant protesters carrying signs in Spanish, even though the truth is there are undocumented migrants from all over the world, it’s very apparent what their goal is. So it’s good to see the Indiana government understood this and did not let this legislation pass.

Post-mortems begin for immigration bill – Indianapolis Star
Failure of crackdown legislation defies a simple explanation
March 16, 2008
By Dan McFeely

All contributed to some degree to the failure by the General Assembly last week to pass Sen. Mike Delph’s proposal to crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.
The defeat for Delph and supporters of the bill came despite widespread support among Hoosiers for immigration law reforms.
Opponents say legislators finally recognized the bill carried negative racial overtones and would have scared many Hispanics out of Indiana — legal and illegal workers who would leave their jobs and their homes and further weaken a struggling economy.


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