Stop making immigrants scapegoats, advocates say – Kansas City Star


We are surely not in the best of times in the United States. Banks are failing and bombs are falling. However, this is no time to look within the crowd to find someone to blame. Rather we should look within the crowd for someone to help.Finding someone to blame is the normal way to react, but it’s not the best. Migrants are not to blame for the problems with our economy. We have let large corporations take over many areas that were once held by independent business people and shop owners all for a lower price. How do we get this lower price? Companies pay lower wages. So it doesn’t matter if your an undocumented migrant or a fifth generation citizen – the objective is to pay workers the least amount possible to increase profit margins and satisfy the buying public. Of course, this is a vicious cycle where the common working man and women can never win.

We need to work together – as a diverse community – and understand that only together can we change things. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and blaming migrants. This only satisfies those looking from atop us down.

This letter to the editor refers to the story below it.

Immigration summit – Kansas City Star
March 18, 2008

We’re glad The Star covered the Summit on Immigration and Racism (3/9, Local, “Stop making immigrants scapegoats, advocates say”). Your article referred to our presentation, but omitted imported points.
Our workshop was ironically titled, “Who’s Stealing Your Job?” The answer: nobody. Both the U.S. and Mexico have lost jobs because of restructuring, attacks on working people, and neoliberal economic policies like NAFTA.

I would imagine that very few people against undocumented migrants understand our current immigration system. In total it is not a fair system and does not allow entry into this country by many people that should have a right to come here.

Stop making immigrants scapegoats, advocates say – Kansas City Star
The Kansas City Star
Posted on Sat, Mar. 08, 2008 10:15 PM

Tackling illegal immigration means first tackling the fear, racism and greed shaping current debate, immigration advocates said Saturday.

“Our goal is to speak out against making immigrants the scapegoats of all problems,” said Angela Ferguson, an immigration lawyer and a member of the Common Table Coalition, which organized Saturday’s Seminar on Immigration and Racism. “If you can’t get that off the table, then we can’t have a logical debate about how to fix the situation.”

For example, many immigrants are hampered from entering the country legally by a shortage of visas and by long waiting periods, Ferguson said in one of the workshops.

In this article Burghart states:

“We must reclaim the moral high ground and reclaim the important role immigration plays in this country. If not, not only will we not get comprehensive immigration reform, but we will wake up and realize the country we live in looks nothing like the one we wanted or the one we dreamed of.”


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