Mayor: More eminent domain power needed

This doesn’t surprise me at all. This man seems to enjoy taking things from people.

Do you believe a city should take your property if it fits their ‘redevelopment’ program? People who have had businesses and homes for over thirty years are having to defend themselves against eminent domain. This is ridiculous.

Mayor: More eminent domain power needed – Daily Record

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MORRISTOWN – Mayor Donald Cresitello called on the state government to be more accommodating to municipalities that undertake redevelopment projects.

During the groundbreaking ceremony of the Transit Village project on the corner of Morris Street and Lafayette Avenue Wednesday afternoon, Cresitello singled out Public Advocate Ronald Chen, who Cresitello said is “destroying redevelopment projects.” He added that municipalities need to have eminent domain, or the ability to take over private property in a redevelopment area, even if the property owner is against it.


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