Who Am I? – Charles Symsess

The beauty of the internet is the fact that you can be anonymous if you so choose. The despair in the decision to do so; however, is the fact that our world is so angry.

I recently had an exchange with a commenter, apposed to undocumented migrants, who immediately called me an “idiot” thinking that was going to win me over I guess. The strange mentality of some of people is that using bullying and insults are the best way to win their argument.

This person found a linked in profile with my name and claims I’ve been ‘exposed’. Well, readers Charles is not my real name and if you believe Symsess is a real last name I don’t know what to say. If it is a real name I’ve never heard of it. It’s just something I came up with.  Unfortunately it seems that some have decided to accuse me of things I’ve never done and apparently use my alias for other things.

Sadly when you start a blog like this you immediately are shown the nastier side of people’s character. There’s cursing, insults and sometimes even threats. So while when it counts, at rallies and at the ballot box, I’ll be my real self, in this blog I do not feel safe in using my real name. This person who ‘exposed’ me just solidified that fact. However, I’m thinking more and more that I have to just decide it’s worth it to write using my real name. It’s just sad that this issue brings up so much bile in people that I feel I have to remain anonymous for fear of a visit or a strange package.

Without giving my real name I’ll just describe myself. I’m 33 and work in New York for a well established insurance company. I’m originally from Texas, but have been here for 7 years on and off. I was here previously, but having been in the Towers when the planes hit I decided to go back home. After a few years I came back to New York and I’ve been here for a little over 4 years.

On the weekends I visit my wonderful fiance in New Jersey and we rescue animals for fun. We do dog transports and work with feral cats. While she’s a vegetarian, I’m a vegan and I believe in the beauty of all things and cannot harm any living creature. This is a big reason why I started this blog. For those same reason I try and make conscientious decisions about the clothes I buy and the foods I choose to eat. I stay away from places like WalMart and I seek out items not made in sweatshops.

In New York I volunteer at the International Center, which has been a wonderful experience, as a conversation partner for students working to learn English. I hope to continue in this area and help people as much as possible throughout the rest of my life.

So that’s the extent of it. That’s who I am without telling you my name. I’d love to tell you my name, but the bullying and harassing from those in the anti-migrant movement make it nearly impossible to do so and continue to feel safe in my own country.

Given this I can only imagine what it’s like to be a migrant here.  I sincerely apologize to all of those people who live in fear in a country who claims to be the  very symbol of freedom yet shuts the door on those who seek it.


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