Little-known Senate candidate vows to fight illegal immigration – Rapid City Journal

South Dakota, home to one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen – the Badlands – is also apparently home to a new anti-migrant candidate. Charles Lyonel Gonyo will be running for Senate in the next election using the same tactics as other candidates who didn’t get elected. There is essentially no information about this man available even though he claims to be a nativist crusader. If this is true he must have been working under an alias because even the least of the small town anti-“illegal” immigrant protesters has been in the news.

Little-known Senate candidate vows to fight illegal immigration – Rapid City Journal
By Kevin Woster, Journal staff Sunday, March 23, 2008

In a campaign of unfamiliar names, South Dakota voters probably know the least about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Charles Lyonel Gonyo of Trent.

That’s saying something, too, since the “big names” in the Republican Senate primary are Joel Dykstra, Sam Kephart and Bert Tollefson.

Just like other nativists Charles claims he is the only ‘true American’ and ‘patriot’.

Gonyo takes a pretty simple message into the campaign: “I’ve been spending the last 12 years fighting illegal immigration,” he said by telephone Friday. “I’ll be the only one (in the campaign) that’s pro-American. Everybody else will be along the lines of open up the borders, bring in all the foreigners.”


2 thoughts on “Little-known Senate candidate vows to fight illegal immigration – Rapid City Journal”

  1. If Charles Lyonel Gonyo of Trent is against illegal immigration and supports Comprehensive Immigration ENFORCEMENT, then I hope the good American citizens of South Dakota elect him.

  2. If the last few elections (see Jim Oberweis) and the current primaries (see Tancredo, Romney and Giuliani)are any indication he probably won’t get elected which is obviously what I hope for.

    For him to state that he’s the only pro-American candidate is simply ridiculous. I guess unless you believe in the unfair treatment of others and that the borders should be walled up and shut you’re not a true American. Long live the Know Nothing party!

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