Unjust Laws Create Both Criminals and Victims – Smart Borders


Smart Borders is a great blog that really gets to the heart of this issue and IS based at the heart of this issue, near the border. Recently a No Border Wall Walk was accomplished and I encourage you to stop by this wonderful blog and read all about it. It’s definitely inspirational.

Unjust Laws Create Both Criminals and Victims – Smart Borders Blog
March 22, 2008

Martin Luther King’s differentiation of just and unjust laws was used in the civil rights movement to condone the breaking of Jim Crow laws which were perpetuating immoral segregation. Our nation’s current immigration laws, which themselves hinder real integration for at least 4% of our resident population. Just as in the civil rights movement and today’s unresponsive immigration laws, unjust legislation creates criminals out of moral men and women.

Laws can be made and changed while morality should always prevail. Just because something is ‘the law’ does not make is just.

Because unjust laws fly in the face of a higher law, they make a mockery of the Justice which laws are designed to approximate. As a result, the “criminals” created by unjust laws become helpless victims and law-abiding citizens are tempted to use the law to their advantage. Victimized and victim become dehumanized because, as Dr. King stated, unjust laws degrade human personality and make us tend toward the worst in human potential.


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