Even ANTIs say NO to SAVE (Gestapo) Act! – Immigration Talk With A Mexican

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! The SAVE Act is good for no one. If you want to start losing your liberties a little at a time as if Tim Robbins were scrapping at them with a spoon then do nothing. Just look at the poster rather than the hole being carved behind it.

Even ANTIs say NO to SAVE (Gestapo) Act! – Immigration Talk With A Mexican America

More Reasons to Just Say NO to SAVE ACT (Gestapo Bill). Even ANTI´s agree:

By Tom DeWeese February 24, 2008 NewsWithViews.com February 22, 2008
Mr. Roy Beck Numbers USA 1601 N. Kent Street Suite 1100 Arlington, Virginia 22209 Dear Roy: As we agreed during our conference call in December, I want to fulfill on my obligation to address our concerns with Sections 201, (Mandatory Employment Authorization Verification through the E-Verify System) and 203 (Establishment of Electronic Birth and Death Registration Systems) of the SAVE Act (Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act. H.R. 4088) …Our differences are in the need for government data banks which snare all Americans in their nets in order to find the few law breakers. I fully accept your claim that you aren’t interested in creating a National ID.


2 thoughts on “Even ANTIs say NO to SAVE (Gestapo) Act! – Immigration Talk With A Mexican”

  1. I am a registered republican – prolife, pro 2nd ammendment, and I OPPOSE the SAVE ACT. It would punish Chritians (or any religious group) for offering humanitarian aide to illegal immigrants. This clearly crosses church/state boundaries.

    Further, anyone who claims to be pro-life can’t walk in lock step with vigilante groups and hate mongers who find no compassion for children and families – and who place more value on man’s law than God’s when He said, “Love thy neighbor…”

  2. Thanks for the comment. I believe the level of punishment the SAVE Act provides is truly a move toward a removal of our rights. The very idea that we could be punished for helping another human being is simply deplorable and truly mind boggling.

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