Program Targets Nearly 3,000 Illegal Immigrants For Deportation – UC Daily News

It’s great to read that 3,000 people are being deported and a mere 2% of them were gang members. 25% of the people arrested supposedly committed a serious crime, but what about the other 75% who are most assuredly hard working people?

I’d like to hear what those 75% were arrested for.

“We need to regain the public’s confidence when it comes to illegal immigration, and to do that we must secure our borders and enforce the laws we have now,” Sen. Alexander said.

What the public needs is compassion not a police state.

No pro-migrant person supports violent criminals of any sort, but these programs terrorize communities as people who “fit the description” are often though of immediately as undocumented.

Program Targets Nearly 3,000 Illegal Immigrants For Deportation – UC Daily News
Story Published: Mar 24, 2008 at 4:31 PM CDT

NASHVILLE, TENN. – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) along with U.S. Representatives Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) today joined Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall and other local officials here to mark the one-year anniversary of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immigration enforcement program that has targeted nearly 3,000 illegal immigrants for removal from Davidson County.

The lawmakers said these numbers prove that DHS’s 287(g) program has been a success in enforcing immigration laws and removing illegal immigrants from the Nashville area, and that it is time to install an immigration judge in Nashville. The 287(g) program provides federal immigration enforcement training for Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputies, who are then able to check the immigration status of individuals being held in the county jail and initiate deportation proceedings if they are determined to be in the country illegally.

Southern States — Immigration’s New Battlefield – New American Media

Advocates Cite Rising Fear as Police Become Immigration Law Enforcers
New America Media, Commentary, NAM Editors, Posted: Jul 18, 2007


2 thoughts on “Program Targets Nearly 3,000 Illegal Immigrants For Deportation – UC Daily News”

  1. The other 75% were arrested for violating US immigration law, by breaking into the US. This is a crime. All 3000 immigrants (actually illegal aliens, they dont deserve to be called immigrants. Immigrants work hard, obey our laws and assimmilate to our culture) broke US law. They were arrested. They should work hard in their own country and follow our laws by waiting their turn.

  2. Are those that overstay visas “breaking in” to the U.S.? The image of someone breaking in conjures the image of them trying to jimmy a door or window open to enter. While many have merely overstayed visas (which cannot be described as “breaking in”) through legal entry into the U.S. other have simply crossed the border. That’s hardly “breaking in.”

    You may not know this, but many Latin American countries are not allowed to come her legally through the lottery. Their only chance is if they already have family here and even then the wait is extraordinarily long. It’s no secret our immigration system is in serious need of fixing.

    I must say I find it odd that you believe all immigrants work hard, obey our laws and assimilate while those that have overstayed visas or crossed an imaginary line somehow where transformed into deviants once they became undocumented. Did the hard working visa holder loss their work ethic once their visa expired?

    These migrants must be hard workers or they wouldn’t be employed here. Say what you will about businesses that hire undocumented migrants, but the truth is just as with any company – you don’t work hard and you don’t have a job.

    As far as obeying the law. I’ve said it too many times. Many citizens fail to obey our basic traffic and litter laws, amongst others; yet, we vilify people who commit an offense which is not even punishable as a crime. And they’re just looking for a better life that exists here because our U.S. companies take advantage of their low wages and solid work ethic.

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