Barletta: Illegals are behind many problems in U.S. – Pocono Record

From the Iraq War to male pattern baldness – everything is the fault of undocumented migrants.

I wonder what the mayor thinks of the recent story where 175 jobs paying $16 per hour, in his state, simply vanished because undocumented migrants couldn’t work them and no citizen wanted them.

It’s also nice to see that Barletta thinks that big businesses act in our best interest. If we let big business run everything we’d all be in trouble because we’d all be at the bottom line of the bottom line.

If the mayor wants to do as he says then he should rally his town and get things moving there. I don’t know of any stories stating he’s done anything to reach out to his community other than to pop out from time to time and yell “blame the illegals!”

If I’m wrong, please let me know how Barletta has helped Hazleton.

Barletta: Illegals are behind many problems in U.S. – Pocono Record

Barletta DinnerBy David Pierce
Pocono Record Writer
March 26, 2008

SAYLORSBURG — Republican congressional hopeful Lou Barletta says illegal immigrants have depressed wages earned by Americans, while boosting costs for everything from public education to health care.

“It affects many issues,” the Hazleton mayor, who garnered national headlines for his anti-illegal immigrant stand, told the West End Republicans on Tuesday night.

Here’s an article stating the condition of Hazleton which is, of course, the fault of undocumented migrants.

Kanjorski: City didn’t use improvement cash – Standard Speaker
Friday, 21 March 2008

A television interview Congressman Paul Kanjorski gave to a local station has sparked a flap over federal grant money and Hazleton’s physical appearance.
Kanjorski was in the city visiting the Greater Hazleton Senior Citizens Center to explain how members can receive federal stimulus package checks. He was interviewed by Local News 13 and asked about his campaign against Mayor Lou Barletta for the 11th Congressional District seat.
“I understand from talking with the congressman that Barletta’s observations of what the congressman said are far from what the congressman actually said. Since Barletta was not present when the congressman spoke, that may explain his confusion. I know he has a desire to get press at any expense, especially during these holy days of Holy Week, but maybe he should just enjoy the holiday.”


3 thoughts on “Barletta: Illegals are behind many problems in U.S. – Pocono Record”

  1. The nativist movement is filled with attention seekers and Lou is no different. I doubt most of them even believe the hate they spew on an internal level. All they know is every time they start spewing the television cameras start coming. I don’t want to fall back on the cliche of blaming the media but come on. How can they possibly give racists organizations face giving them the illusion of legitimacy.

  2. I’m not sure why Barletta as become their darling, but I guess they find him handsome and charismatic which of course is a good place to start when your getting ready to fire off nativist sentiment.

    I just hope we continue to seem more of the same nativism out the door in the next elections.

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