Economic impact of HB 1804 estimated – Tulsa World

While the anti-migrant groups are cheering we’re losing good people and as we recently saw in Pennsylvania farmers are not having their workforce replenished with U.S. workers. Many of these jobs have always been worked by migrants and what makes these nativists think U.S. Citizens are waiting to take back the jobs stolen from them I can’t be sure. It just isn’t happening that way.

Because we’re not addressing the real issue I believe companies will just continue moving out of this country and we’ll get all of our products from elsewhere. We’ll just be left with more abandoned factories and a failing economy.

Economic impact of HB 1804 estimated – Tulsa World

By GINNIE GRAHAM World Staff Writer

The state bankers association says the loss could be $1.8 billion.

If 50,000 immigrants leave Oklahoma, the state would lose about $1.8 billion annually in productivity and wages, according to a study released Tuesday by the Oklahoma Bankers Association.

The group does not take a position on HB 1804, the state’s new immigration law, said President and Chief Executive Officer Roger Beverage.


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