Stop the Raids & Deportations – May 1st Coalition

This issue of immigration and undocumented migrants is about human rights. It goes well beyond our borders where U.S. policy dictates how so many live. Just take the greatest atrocity of our day, the Iraq War. Our government put Saddam Hussein into power and the Iraqi people have now suffered doubly by our actions. Enough said.

So join me and many others in New York to rally for human rights and to make this world a better place for all. It’s a rally for unity, compassion and justice.

One point listed below that should really make you think is the fact that we’re willing to pay for a border wall, but there just wasn’t enough money for the levee in Louisiana. Hmm.

We Say:

* Black, Latino, Asian, Indigenous, Arab, White; In Unity there is strength.
* ICE raids are racist, anti-union and violate immigrant and US workers’ civil rights & divide families.
* Jobs & homes, not lay-off and foreclosures. Stop demolition of public housing in New Orleans & everywhere.
* No war in Iraq. Bring the troops home now.
* Political asylum for Victor Toro. No deporation for Flor Crisostomo.
* Money for levees in New Orleans, not the US / Mexico border wall.
* Repeal NAFTA, no more U.S. trade agreements that force migration & cause lay-offs here.


3 thoughts on “Stop the Raids & Deportations – May 1st Coalition”

  1. Does anyone know what is being coordinated out in AZ? I think now more than ever it’s important not to let Arpaio and his stupid raids scare us into silence.

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