Fate of illegal immigrants caught in ICE raid unknown – The Daily Nonpareil

These arrests are just more unnecessary tactics by ICE to make criminals of people that are simply working and trying for a better life. It’s strange to me that so many people are advocating for the creation of this gustapo police state. You’d better believe that these ‘agents’ will still have jobs after they’ve deported every last migrant and it will be you and me that they start harassing.

One thing this article refutes, at least, is the sick term “anchor baby” which involves the false claim by nativists that want to change the Constitution and remove birth-right citizenship. The truth is having a baby in the U.S. does not mean you cannot be deported.

Fate of illegal immigrants caught in ICE raid unknown – The Daily Nonpareil
Sunshine Dalton, Staff Writer

The fate of the 11 women and five men arrested Wednesday at American Clothing, 3211 Nebraska Ave., will be decided on an individual basis; and the outcomes may not fall in their children’s favor.

“The arrest was nothing random or spontaneous, it was the result of a month-long investigation,” said Tim Counts, spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “They have been placed in removal proceedings, more commonly known as deportation proceedings.”

The following quote is a terrible attempt to rationalize these raids and families being broken apart.

“U.S. citizens are arrested every day, and that results in separation of the family. This is no different,” Counts said. “All of that responsibility must be placed at the feet of the parents.”

I don’t think many people realize that you can come to this country quite legally with a visa and then petition for citizenship. However, if your petition takes too long to process (which most do) then you will become an undocumented migrant. Therefore, even though you came here legally, and are more than likely with your family, you can be separated from your family and placed into a detention center.

Though the focus is on the border, the border is not the only way into the United States that ends up creating undocumented migrants. I’d ask the anti-“illegal” migrant people to do a little research on this. Just go to the library and look at an immigration book.


1 thought on “Fate of illegal immigrants caught in ICE raid unknown – The Daily Nonpareil”

  1. USA is a country of police brutality. I have lived USA over 30 years and found USA is a
    country of worst human rights violation than any nation on planet earth. USA has already
    collapse. I came to Bangladesh from USA few months ago after 30 years in USA.
    Bangladesh is much better place than USA, at least, we have work and food to eat and
    USA does not have it. Who is better of ? USA or Bangladesh? USA problem is hidden by
    media and false TV, like CNN, but nothing. CNN is the worst of TV channel, nothing but
    brag about USA, like Lou Dobb, another inhuman on CNN. Sorry for Americans who watch
    such a lie TV like CNN and others who are hiding themselves.
    I feel sorry for the South Americans or Mexicans that they are treated like rats in USA, but
    still they come to USA to work, because they can not find job in their own home.
    What is in USA? Nothing, no love, no respect!

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