Group wants Morristown mayor to run for U.S. Senate –

An anti-migrant group is trying to collect signatures to get Cresitello into the Senate. These are the only people I would imagine would want this man in the this type of position (except Morristown residents who just want him to leave). These Cresitello supporters have most assuredly never had him banging on the doors of their home or business citing eminent domain to take their property.

Donald “business men in their thousand-dollar suits” Cresitello has absolutely no credentials, in my humble opinion, to be in our Senate. He has turned Morristown, once a place for families with great local shopping, into a banks only city where, unless you want to open an IRA or shop for the best interest rates, there isn’t much to do around the green. What person thinks that putting banks all around the town’s center is a great move for their community?

Let’s not forget that Cresitello became a hero of the anti-migrant crowd when he asked for 287(g) to be enforced in his city. Showing his desire for gestapo tactics he asked that police officers follow anyone picking up day laborers until they broke even the most minor traffic law so they could be pulled over and searched.

  • Taking businesses and homes from long time residents and community members
  • Following residents around to check their citizenship status
  • Disillusionment that everyone who works is wealthy enough to buy $1,000 suits

Exactly what we need in Washington!

Group wants Morristown mayor to run for U.S. Senate –
by Robert E. Williams III/The Star-Ledger
Saturday March 29, 2008, 10:24 AM

A group hoping to see Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello run for the U.S. Senate has planned a petition drive for today to collect at least 500 signatures to get him on the Democratic primary ballot.

Cresitello, who has not publicly declared himself a candidate, could not be reached for comment, but Gayle Kesselman, co-chair of New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control, said she and other supporters would be out collecting signatures today.

Mayor: More eminent domain power needed

During the groundbreaking ceremony of the Transit Village project on the corner of Morris Street and Lafayette Avenue Wednesday afternoon, Cresitello singled out Public Advocate Ronald Chen, who Cresitello said is “destroying redevelopment projects.” He added that municipalities need to have eminent domain, or the ability to take over private property in a redevelopment area, even if the property owner is against it.

Cresitello the Chameleon
Cresitello threatens to cut cops – Thanks Mayor!

MORRISTOWN — Mayor Donald Cresitello is prepared to cut 12 police officers from the town’s 59-member force after Town Council refused to introduce his $37.8 million municipal budget proposal.

Morristown – Are You Legal?

In a letter to U.S. Attorney Chris Christie obtained Thursday by the Daily Record, the mayor said that if he doesn’t get help from federal authorities, he’s prepared to have town police go it alone. He said contractors who pick up day laborers soon would be stopped for routine traffic violations and asked questions that could lead to criminal investigations.

The woman cited in this article who is gathering signatures is a senior member of an anti-migrant group. Here is some text from a speech she gave at the Lakewood, NJ Secure Our Borders Rally a few months back:

And you know so I kind of accepted the common wisdom that we hear all around us and I guess I didn’t think to much about it, cause if I’d thought to much about it I’d of said ‘gee, you know the country began, uh, you could say in 1776 so somehow for a little over two hundred years we managed to get the restaurants were open and the lawns were mowed and you know everything seemed to be fine and it’s really only since sometime in the 1980’s that we started seeing a lot of people coming over.
They’re starting, the politicians are starting to become aware of the fact that we’re out there. And, um, we can’t let them forget that because they have to be, a lot of what’s going on here is that the open borders lobby is so organized that the politicians are afraid of them. Well, I think it’s time for them to start being afraid of us.

I’d have to say to Gayle that this country has always been supported by immigrants and guest workers. To believe otherwise is a complete dismissal of true history for one that you have made up to support your bogus anti-migrant claims. In regards to politicians needing to be afraid of these groups this is a common mantra with them. Many of the members of these groups go so far as to ask for violence against politicians. Frank Jorge at the Harrisburg Voice of the People USA rally claimed that politicians would listen after they felt a bullet enter their flesh. (source here)

In speaking of Cresitello in this article Gayle states:

“I support him because he has a quality that is very rare in today’s politicians, which is courage,” Kesselman said. “He went out on the limb for the town of Morristown, for the people of Morristown, trying to do the right thing by tackling the issue of illegal immigration.”

This is true. Mayor Cresitello has the courage to fight for the right to take property from long time businesses owners and residents. In regard to immigration Cresitello, thankfully, was not able to get this passed and if Gayle believes that having officers follow citizens around waiting for a reason to pull them over and question them is courage, that’s just odd. The mayor, to his credit though it didn’t change my view of his policy, actually extended an olive branch for a moment and took Spanish classes.
Morristown mayor says ’si’ to Spanish class
True courage comes from those that do not have the power, but fight peacefully every day to try and make this world a better place. Gayle’s group, New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control is clearly against Hispanics and not the millions of undocumented migrants from other countries as you can see from the wonderful image on their homepage.

New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control

This article from says much about Gayle’s stance on immigration:

Front Page
To do some daily good
We’re Having an Impact…
By Gayle Kesselman | Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 at 9:28 pm

…on the flow of undocumented immigrants from Mexico…

An article in the Los Angeles Times reports a notable decrease in the flow of illegal aliens across our southern border:

The undocumented hesitate to enter a less-alluring U.S.

MEXICO CITY — Lorenzo Martinez, an illegal immigrant who has lived in Los Angeles for six years, has a message for his kin in Mexico’s Hidalgo state: Stay put.

Seems it’s the Mexicans Gayle wants out. What about all the other undocumented migrants?

I’m including, below this, three Google searches of “Gayle Kesselman” and groups that currently have undocumented migrants in this country. They include “Mexican, Chinese and Irish.” Please not that all searches for “Mexican” are negative posts about Mexico and Mexicans as are those for “Chinese.” However, the only thing we see negative for “Irish” is a sad story about an Irish Setter.

Google Search for Mexican

Google Search Chinese

Google Search Irish2

The fact that a pro-migrant site shows up in this search just goes to show that it’s minorities who are targeted. If anyone can cite a source where one of these groups has gone against a European group of undocumented migrants I’d like to see it. Even though these anti-migrants aren’t so concerned about the Irish or other European groups there are pro-migrant websites to support them which shows their numbers. Of course, I support all pro-migrant groups and hope that the complete anti-migrant hypocrisy will lose in this country as it has been.


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