Please Support The DREAM Act

All undocumented migrants, which includes those that did not cross the U.S. Mexican border, are denied access to education after graduating high school. Education should be the foremost thought for all who want to push forward into college.

For those that say “what about my kids?” I say they can apply for the same funding and the same scholarships. If your child does well in school universities will beg them to attend. If they do poorly then I’m sorry, but maybe that’s something you and your child will have to take responsibility for. However, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t continue their education it just means with or without the DREAM Act they’re going to have a harder time than if they had done much better.

Why as a parent would you want to deny education to another’s child. Why does morality and humanity take a backseat to our own needs? Aren’t our needs universal? Doesn’t taking care of you mean taking care of me as well?

If we weren’t spending billions of dollars on a terrible war there would be plenty of money for everyone to attend college who wanted to. Why don’t we join together and end unjust spending so that everyone in the United States can have access to education after college? Please support the DREAM Act. Visit A Dream Deferred.

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