Cresitello wants to be party’s pick for Senate – Daily Record

Go to Morristown. After laughing at the sign that says it’s the “coolest place to live in the hottest town around” you can look at all the Cresitello driven “redevelopment and wonder what’s happening there. The center of town, known as the green, is being taken over by banks and stock trading companies – “family fun!” Cresitello has also tried to take many homes and businesses away from people, but has been forced to back down when challenged in city council meetings. These homes and businesses include those of people whose families have been contributing to Morristown for generations. That’s a leader! Take your constituent’s homes away.

Cresitello also asked police officers to follow people around, who left day labor sites, and as soon as they had a “legal” reason for pulling them over they were to do so and search the car as well as ask for everyone’s citizenship status. Even anti-“illegal” immigrant people should understand having police follow you around is simply deplorable.

Cresitello wants to be party’s pick for Senate – Daily Record
Takes aim at Lautenberg

Sunday, March 30, 2008

MORRISTOWN — Mayor Donald Cresitello confirmed on Saturday that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held by Frank Lautenberg.

“I am disappointed with the standing of America in the world,” he said in a phone interview. “Our economy is in the pits right now.”

Cresitello, 61, said an “army” of volunteers has begun collecting signatures in Bergen, Essex, Union and Morris counties. He also said he signed a certificate of acceptance, which would enable him to appear on the ballot if enough signatures are collected.

The following statement is classic Cresitello:

Cresitello said he wonders whether Lautenberg would be able to serve out a full six-year term because of his age, and if he left office, that would allow the governor “to handpick somebody” to replace him.

Cresitello claims he’s had 30 years of experience in government? Hardly.
Cresitello the Chameleon

This comment was on the Daily Record website:

Crestiello this is a mistake!!!! Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:16 am
With your attitude regarding budget cut, and the action you were willing to take and cut police officers and jeopardize the safety in the community, when you did not get your way with the budget. This state can not afford a person like you in office. Not to mention how your going after the local hospital and the amount of money you cost the town with that rally you stood behind against Hispanic in your community and others. I guess this is what the mayor does…. He starts hearing about a few citizens being made and start mentioning “recall”, so what does he do run for another post in government… what a JOKE!!!


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