Anti-illegal immigration groups grow in Florida – Miami Herald

Nativists like to call the current immigration trend an “invasion.” This is completely ridiculous. What invader does so in order to work? If we’re calling people seeking work “invaders” then I know a few chain stores looking for both full time and part-time “invaders.”

Anti-illegal immigration groups grow in Florida – Miami Herald

Anti- illegal immigration activist Enos Schera in front of the White House at a 1995 rally supporting California’s Proposition 187.

World War II veteran Enos Schera monitors ”the invasion” from his Miami home in the predominantly Cuban-American suburb of Westchester. Information is the former Marine’s weapon.

Surrounded by stacks of paper, old televisions, VCRs and radios, Florida’s ”grandfather of immigration reform” — as other activists have dubbed him — tracks crimes committed by immigrants, failing public schools and politicians’ positions.

It’s great to read this:

In Haines City, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps organizes teams of Floridians to help patrol the Arizona-Mexico border for immigrants trying to sneak in.

Because the fact that not all undocumented migrants come from Mexican just helps us understand that the groups are truly against the types of migrants here rather than the fact that they’re coming.

The following is a popular nativists call:

”People call us hate-mongers and racists, but this isn’t about racism at all; it’s about the rule of law,” said state Minuteman Civil Defense Corps director Bill Landes, 52, in Haines City.

But let’s be real here. These people are in fact against Hispanics rather than just being against undocumented migrants.
Look at their website and you’ll see they’ve proudly placed a picture of a Mexican flag atop an American flag to show who their target is.

What I find strange is how much energy these groups expend hating, yelling and harassing others. Somehow they feel their negativity will result in positive change.

Caulkett’s group spends most Saturday mornings protesting outside Jupiter’s El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center, a non-profit that matches day laborers with employers looking for workers.

Protesters hold signs that read ”Mow your own damn grass!” and “Hiring an Illegal? Smile for the camera.”

I find it simply deplorable that these groups think jamming cameras in people’s faces is ok. If these people enjoy fighting crime this way why don’t they go after drug dealers or people that commit real crimes? I guess it’s easier to push your camera or nasty sign in someone’s fact that’s a little more helpless. They’re already a stranger in a strange land so why not make them feel more unwelcome.

Nobody supporting migrants supports violent or irresponsible criminality. I’m sorry for anyone who has lost a family member, but the majority of these migrants are not violent and they obviously feel they have no other choice but to come here. Crossing a border while risking your life is not a decision one makes lightly.

”It’s very frustrating, because people don’t seem to get involved because they haven’t been directly affected,” said Landry, 47, who’s planning to move to New Hampshire. “I don’t know what it’s going to take for more people to stand up for our country.”

I believe people do get involved. They voted that anti-migrant sentiment will not prevail in this country. What we need is positive immigration reform which acknowledges the role that migrants have played and will continue to play in our society.


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