‘Hitler’ stenciled on signs of mayoral candidate, illegal immigration opponent in Farmers Branch

It’s great to see that anti-migrants (not all of course) are resulting to vandalism to get their point across. The article sites the Hitler graffiti, a rock through the mayor’s window and “Viva Mexicos” spray painted on his home. Lovely.

‘Hitler’ stenciled on signs of mayoral candidate, illegal immigration opponent in Farmers Branch – Dallas Morning News
Vandalism targets mayoral candidate who led efforts against illegal immigration

12:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, April 2, 2008
By STEPHANIE SANDOVAL / The Dallas Morning News

Someone has stenciled a face and the name “Hitler” on at least five of Tim O’Hare’s mayoral campaign signs in Farmers Branch.

The vandalism happened Monday night in locations including Mr. O’Hare’s campaign headquarters, his yard and the yard of fellow City Council member Tim Scott.

Mr. O’Hare has led his city’s efforts to drive out illegal immigrants.


5 thoughts on “‘Hitler’ stenciled on signs of mayoral candidate, illegal immigration opponent in Farmers Branch”

  1. As I expected,
    the race card has come into play once again.
    A propoganda tool for a label on those who wish to defend their country from overpopulation, terrorism,and the right to enforce legal citizenship.
    I am pro-immigration, and anti- illegal immigration.
    Therefore I must be a racist.
    If this is the case, then I am proud to be a racist.

  2. I clearly stated “not all” are doing this, but this man was targeted for his support of migrants.

    Do you think that having someone throw rocks through your window and spray paint on your house is ok?

    What this shows is that there are some that will resort to vandalism to get their point across.

    This does not state every anti-migrant person does this.

    You’re pro-immigration as you stated above. Which immigration reform groups do you follow? Numbers USA or FAIR – you know they both advocate ending immigration and/or severely reducing it.

  3. There is quite a difference between spray-painting someone’s house and “vandalizing” what I consider to be an example of sign pollution. Both of the major players on each side of the mayor’s race in Farmers Branch have vandalized the city with political signs, and for what? These signs are just going to be thrown away in a little more than a month.

    The antagonistic actions of people who support each of these political and ideological polarities are making the moderate and rational majority of Farmers Branch citizens look like douche bags as well.

  4. That’s true and it seems both are happening here. The point is not to apply one person’s vile act on everyone else, but to show how cycles of intolerance bring these type of people to the surface.

    Sure, any fanatic will not be good for their “side”. The idea is to be open minded while pushing for your viewpoints which I try to do here. Of course, I have that luxury because I was born here and unless they pass another sedition act I’ll have no fear of going to jail for my views.

  5. It is amazing how fast people forget that they came from a different country to get here to America as an illegal immigrant themselves from Europe to escape the famines and religious persecutions. Why would it be legal for Europeans to come here illegally and squat on Native Americans land and yet it be illegal for Mexicans whose land the United States government stole to come back to their land? The mayor of Farmers Branch is not upholding the law. He is breaking the law by deporting humans…that is called “kidnapping” and the Mexicans need to prosecute any public government official if they become a target of kidnapping. Also, I don’t care if you do or you do not like Mexicans….they will keep coming and the laws will be in their interest. Public government officials who are racist should resign. America is the land of immigrants…not racists.

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