Illegal immigrants often die anonymously – Associated Press

These are human beings and this is a human problem. We cannot turn our back on our fellow man. We must seek out compassionate solutions. There should not be anyone dying anonymously in this country.

Illegal Immigrants Often Die Anonymously – Associated Press
By ACE STRYKER – April 1, 2008

BLANDING, Utah (AP) — The foreigner is buried in a small-town cemetery, against a barbed-wire fence in an unmarked plot set aside for poor people.

He might be Mexican. He might be Guatemalan. But he’s simply called No. 8, a man with no name because his identity is still unknown, a year after he was killed in a car wreck with seven other illegal immigrants in southeastern Utah.

“This is the Garden of Eden of Utah down here,” said Philip Palmer, coordinator at Blanding City Cemetery, referring to the mountain peaks in four states visible from the graveyard. “It’s a good place to put him.”

More than 2,000 illegal immigrants have died in the Southwest since 2002, and many are nameless in death — buried as anonymous victims of heat stroke, car crashes or other calamities.


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