Lawmakers’ Letter to Arpaio –

The following is a letter sent in support of Sheriff Arpaio applauding his obsession with finding and detaining undocumented migrants while shamefully supporting the rhetoric that undocumented migrants are the most violent criminals. It’s great that the Sheriff wants to ‘enforce’ the law, but there’s a good reason why so many other cities refuse to use his terrible tactics to do the same. Nor do many towns put arresting working people, who although undocumented are not breaking any laws, as their number one priority.

Lawmakers’ Letter to Arpaio –

April 3, 2008

Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff
100 West Washington Suite 1900
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Dear Sheriff Joe Arpaio,

We want to thank you for honoring your Oath of Office and putting the Constitutional rights of the citizens you represent above those who have chosen to violate our laws by entering and remaining in our country illegally. Also, we would like to commend you for your leadership in standing in stern opposition to those officials who choose to defend those who break the law. As you know the illegal alien population has imposed a tremendous economic burden on taxpayers and contributes to some of the most violent criminal activity in the state. (click link above to read the full letter)

What about the Constitutional rights of human beings? What happened to those? As we know not all among us are citizens and many are here legally on visas – so what about them? What about all the people wrongfully detained in these raids that are here legally? I guarantee nobody signing this letter to Arpaio has been wrongfully arrested. So why should they care if others are – which they most assuredly are.

Thanks Joe Arpaio for terrorizing hard working people and making law enforcement into a sick and twisted circus act. Condoning the behavior of Arpaio is not only reprehensible, but it’s irresponsible.


1 thought on “Lawmakers’ Letter to Arpaio –”

  1. Officials that go up against Arpaio tend to get investigated and ripped to shreds. I wouldn’t be surprised if these representatives were coerced to do this under the implied threat of retaliation. It’s just a theory. Things are getting worse here, and I’m afraid of what might happen next as both sides become more angry. It doesn’t help that the media is hardly showing another side to this, doing things like calling members of a hate group’s motorcycle gang (United for a Sovereign America) a “patriotic motorcycle club.”

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