Rep. Gayle Harrell’s rally touts bill targeting illegal aliens – Jupiter Courier

Gayle HarrellRep. Gayle Harrell’s rally touts bill targeting illegal aliens – Jupiter Courier
By Kit Bradshaw
Originally published 12:00 a.m., March 2, 2008
Updated 02:48 p.m., March 2, 2008

JUPITER — About 200 cheering, stomping and whistling supporters came out Saturday to support State Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart, as she rolled out a bill that would forbid towns from helping illegal immigrants at labor hiring halls.”You are standing up for America,” she told the crowd in the parking lot of El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center, one such labor hiring hall.

According to Wikipedia Gayle has a degree in Spanish along with a Masters in Latin American history. So it’s rather odd that her idea of helping people from Latin America is to push them out of Florida. What is more strange is her desire to learn Spanish while people around her frown at the use of it in the following photo.

Gayle Harrell 2 For Spanish

(it’s hard to see, but the woman on the left his holding a “Press 2 for Spanish” poster common at these type of rallies.)

Gayle and here supporters seem to be a twisted bunch. Gayle wants to absolutely cut support for undocumented migrant’s children yet in this video on You Tube she wants you to celebrate her own grandchildren.

The video is obviosly an attempt to show you how genuine, real and down-to-Earth she is. We’re supposed to feel good about here being a regular grandmother that cares about all children I suppose. Well, she obviously doesn’t care about all children and she certainly isn’t concerned about her opponent, Tim Mahoney’s child as she must be advocating a website titled “The Real Mahoney” which makes him appear to be a nasty criminal in its layout.

The Real Mahoney
I understand this is not nice, but is there nothing here that’s suitable for the those in the crowd that are unemployed?

For those people protesting with Gayle and claiming they cannot find work here’s a search on Hotjobs for Jupiter, FL that produced over 1,500 jobs. There were only 79 jobs actually in Jupiter, including police officer, but this is only one job location site of many.

Jobs Around Jupiter FL

So why the scapegoating? It seems there ARE jobs available.


5 thoughts on “Rep. Gayle Harrell’s rally touts bill targeting illegal aliens – Jupiter Courier”

  1. The US cannot house, feed, and raise every child in the world. Your position seems to be: if someone from anywhere in the world can get into the US, then he or she is home free. Everyone in the world has the God-given right to live in the US.

  2. I actually do believe everyone has the God given right to live wherever they want. It’s people that make such a thing impossible. Of course we granted ourselves the right to move on in to the Americas and that’s worked out pretty good – at least for non-Native Americans.

    The assertion that everyone is coming here, which we see illustrated in Numbers USA’s Immigration Gumballs, is ridiculous. Let’s try being a good example for the world and maybe the change we can encourage will mean the U.S. will just be one of many wonderful countries to live in.

  3. Luckily symsess, you do not make or enforce the laws. As the economy weakens people of your ilk will rightfully fall by the wayside.

  4. My ilk? People that actually care about others? What a terrible world that would be if people of my ilk were all gone. When you say “fall by the wayside” what does that mean? Where exactly will I go?

    I guess the people who do make and enforce the laws, you know, like the Patriot Act – those are great people. Taking away freedoms and liberties is certainly the way to go and blaming our economic hardships on migrants is a good way to begin making new laws possible. These laws will only serve to take away our freedoms as U.S. citizens.

    I guess you’d like to see the economy fail further to prove your point, but I’d like to see people work together to keep this form happening. I like the positive approach as do most people of my ilk.

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