Alan Keyes on border control and illegal immigration

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Because Alan Keyes is going to the anti-migrant town of Hazleton to announce his leaving the GOP for the Constitution Part it’s important to look at his views on immigration as he has obviously chosen Hazleton for a reason.

I hadn’t done much research on Alan Keyes’ views on immigration and though he is an eloquent speaker of obvious intelligence I don’t think he addresses this issue properly. The first issue I have with his immigration commentary is his stating that Mexico has a tough and unforgiving immigration policy which he then refutes by stating Mexico city has suffered an influx of migrants. If they have a tough immigration policy then how is this possible? As he stated, and others from the anti-migrant camps have as well, Mexico does not tolerate undocumented migrants. Therefore, we must presume this influx is made up entirely of legal migrants into Mexico.He also states that we are irresponsible to allow people to come in and not “enforce the laws” because we are not offering these migrants a fair shot at the ‘American Dream’ or as he stated they will be “fulfilling their dreams – not stewing because we have been so careless of them they can no longer reach for them.” Well, what about the simple fact that they, even with the ICE cloud of uncertainty, still have a better shot at attaining that dream here then they do in their native countries? This issue with immigration is not a border issue. It expands across the globe which suffers for our desires and through our castigation – as we see in Iraq where a body of innocent people suffer because we wanted to remove a man who we placed into power. It’s easy to state that this has nothing to do with immigration and focus on the simple fact of ones being here without documentation, but the truth is these issues go hand in hand. As powerful as America is (though we see the power slipping) we have the ability to positively effect non-violent change across the globe which will help people to fulfill their dream without having to pack their bags first.

We have some people that are economically benefitting from illegal immigration – let’s not close our eyes to this. We have folks who are perfectly minded to have illegal immigrants come in – they are a vulnerable portion of the workforce, they can be eploited for their labor and then tossed into the welfare system and the whole result reaps profits for somebody at the expense of both the poor the illegal immigrant and the public good.

Yes, people exploit the exploitable all over the world and the U.S. is no exception to this. If we’re not buying sweatshop clothes and goods made in other countries then we’re bombing the hell out of their citizens while asking them to thank us and smile. Just look at the number of refugees we’ve created in Iraq because of our ‘War on Terror’ which we should be calling the ‘War of Terror.’ Truthfully I believe the majority of undocumented migrants are happy to be working and most likely do not feel exploited by anyone other than the U.S. government itself for not allowing them a proper path to citizenship. For those that are exploited (which is trully a terrible situation) our government and anti-migrant camps are the ones allowing this to happen because they force these workers into the shadows where they have not voice.

And then we have some folks in our country – and I’m not going to suggest that they’re all in the Democrat party, but we have some folks in this country who look at this as a political opportunity. That you can have people come in and then you start relaxing access to the ballot in various clever ways so that people can register without a scrutiny of who they are, where they come from, where they were born and whether in fact they are a part of the citizen body and before you know it you can be influencing elections right, left and center by corrupting the integrity of the electorate in this very direct way. So we have some forces in this country who don’t want to solve the problem of illegal immigration and we need to identify them and openly challenge them so that we can build a solid majority in favor of meeting our responsibility to our people and the world.

First I’d like to talk about the election issue. It’s funny that a member of the GOP is ranting about corrupting elections. Look at what happened in Florida. I’ve even experienced this myself. I have been voting at the same location for three years and last election I showed up to find my name had been removed from the list. Therefore I filled out a paper ballot only to receive a letter in the mail explaining that my vote had not counted. So here I am – a long time American born voter being denied my right to vote. I obviously corrected this issue and luckily it was only a primary, but the point is if an American citizen is being denied their right to vote how will an undocumented citizen be given one? I think the GOP has the book on changing elections and Keyes should be dealing with his own (though former) party on that issue. I’m glad, however, that Keyes addressed our responsibility to the world (though in an extremely brief manner) because that is precisely the heart of our immigration issue in my opinion. We have to ask ourselves why people feel they must leave their native countries to come here for a better life. Why can’t everyone have a better life at home or in the U.S.?


8 thoughts on “Alan Keyes on border control and illegal immigration”

  1. First, I’m glad to hear that a conservative is leaving the GOP. Other principled conservatives should quickly do so. Anyone among the general public who thinks the Republican Party is “conservative” is utterly deluded. If forty or fifty members of the House bolted from the GOP but were still reelected to Congress that would be a watershed moment in US history, not unlike the founding of the then anti-slavery Republican Party itself! There is no reason that folks such as Ted Poe, Ron Paul, Brian Bilbray, and a host of others wouldn’t be elected as members of the Constitution Party or whatever label they cared to adopt. Once both the GOP and Democrats are stripped of a numerical majority, those 3rd party or independent members of Congress would have instant clout.

    Now, as for the previous poster’s comments on Keyes, note that Keyes did NOT say those flocking to the Third World Hell-hole known as Mexico City were “Immigrants” – they are “migrants” from inside Mexico! They are dispossessed by Mexico’s socialist system that fails to recognize personal property rights. Millions have no where to call home and they cluster around MC to pick up the crumbs – even garbage! – cast off by that mega-city’s economic activity. Mexico rigorously enforces its own border with Guatamala to keep even poorer Central Americans out.

  2. I don’t believe that calling Mexico City a “hell-hole” is a good way to get things to where they should be. Another thing that I always find strange is that people want to compare the way Mexico deals with illegal immigration after they’ve made Mexico out to be a terrible place. Ok, so why do we mimic such terrible actions?

    It’s apparent from the name you used to comment that you not only are against undocumented migrants from Mexico (and other Hispanic countries), but that you like to make a joke of the situation. Thought there are undocumented migrants from all over the world in this country I guess it’s only the ones from Mexico that are bad. Whatever you believe these are human beings and they’re a much a part of the affected as we are because they are encouraged to come to this country as the same country rounds them.

    This is a vicious cycle that benefits big businesses from top to bottom.

  3. Alan Keyes is right.
    I’d like to add that many of us tend to romanticize immigration, because of our ancestry. However, numerous cities in the late 1800s and early 1900s had horrendous immigrant slums. Many immigrants lived and died in the squalor—never to realize the American dream. It took laws of all kinds (labor, immigration, etc.) and housing, sanitation, fire and codes to clean up the mess.
    The Great Depression and WWII, which were long pauses in immigration, also helped assimilate the masses. It is clear to me that we need to absorb immigrants, not be overwhelmed by them.
    In recent years, we have been told that we needed the millions of Mexican and South American illegal immigrant construction workers. We were told that they were essential for the economy.
    Now, the vast majority of the homes they had built are in foreclosure. It turns out that the housing boom was an illusion. It was not real. It was a lie. We were sold a bill of goods, while paying to educate and provide medical care for the illegal immigrant construction worker’s families ( and we are still footing the bill). We were suppose to do this cheerfully and without any concern or question. After witnessing one of the worst terrorists attacks in our nation’s history, we were suppose to accept thousands crossing our borders daily and labeled racists if we rebelled. Now, we are stuck paying once again, because of the millions of foreclosures growing like a cancer across our nation. The madness of the chaos and anarchy still continues. When is it going to stop? Is there anybody listening?

  4. When are people going to realize that the war in Iraq is causing financial problems for this country and not migrants. The money said to be spent on migrants (which I believe is mostly false) is nothing compared to the nearly trillion dollars we’ve spent on the war not to mention what we’ll continue to spend.

    Let me here someone speak about this issue from top to bottom without leaving things like the war expenditures out and I’ll listen. Too many people seem to believe that immigration is causing the downfall of this country when there are so many problems that have been her long before this current crop of anti-migrant sentiment. Of course anti-migrant sentiment is nothing new.

    I believe most migrants come here for a better life not because they were rich in their own country and want to see how rich they can get here. So of course they’re going to struggle at first, but apparently that’s better than what they had before.

    The price of housing, especially in California and in the Northeast, is beyond insane. Looking at the prices, just in New Jersey, it’s hard to see how anyone can afford a house yet the loan officers find a way to do it. Then next thing you know your dream has collapsed and it has nothing to do with migrants. If homes were reasonably priced people wouldn’t be getting put out on the street.

  5. Symsess: In every blogging site I go to , you are there with your usual dont blame the migrants ? Listen “toots”, these people are ILLEGALS , not just plain migrants, as you want them known as…
    and have put a financial burden on every American.

    It seems so very hard for you to come to the reality that we do NOT reward “Illegals.”
    Lawbreakers must pay a price for their actions. .

    Now understand , you can blog, stand on street corners, etc and spew your “rights ” for the Illegals, but as 82 % of Americans want them out …majority here in this country wins…and you loose….

    You sympaty falls on mostly deaf ears, as we true Americans who have kept up on reality subjects know that for 14 years there have been “HISPANICS” who are educated ,speak the language and would be an immediate asset to this Country….waiting in line to enter LEGALLY for 14 years….!!!

    You want the invaders to be rewarded…how silly and un-realistic you are….

    Go tell those Law abidding ones in line, that you dont care about them, only ,just those that broke the Law who jumpped over the fence, should be will be taken in….
    You must remember , this Nation was built by immigrants, but LEGAL ones, and LEGAL ones ONLY…!!!

    You must also remember that this Nation has quotas for EACH country, not just for INVADING Hispanics, many who are un-educated, gangsters, and un-desirables.

    Next thing for you to consider is we have all helped build this Country by offering something of ourselves, from hard work, Military service..etc, where as your “invaders” come only to undercut the American wages ,putting True American Citizens out of jobs and for this , you Cheer !

    The “POOR” people have come for a chance at a better life, which is at the expense of the American work-force and for those non- english speaking persons for the “JOBS AMERICANS WONT DO” who work (under) this Govt’ds poverty level, force us tax -payers to bring them above the poverty line, and what do you think Americans are going to do, put up with this horse-shit ?

    You are obviously un-aware other countries like Iraq i’s have helped the American Army ‘translate’ for us in this un-godly conflict and then when it is found out, their families are killed.

    Well, we told them they will come first , and there is a Bill in Congress to allow them in LEGALLY for doing something FOR this country.

    Why dont you send letters to all 20-30 million “illegals” to do something to help this country, like join the U.S. army for four years for citizenship…no, you want to give them everything free and have them do nothing for a good and surely easy life …..Even the Bible says “give of yourself ” to others for what they do for you”.
    you are a total and definately a fool…!!!

  6. I appreciate you calling me a fool. It must feel good to vent like that as I’m sure you have much to be angry about. Being a citizen (which I assume you are) of the greatest country in the world and most likely having been born here I am glad to see your compassion for others.

    There are actually many undocumented migrants in the military now and they recruit men from Mexico to join. I am first and foremost against the terrible treatment of people which those such as yourself seem to think is ok. I guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot either you or someone in your family would make the “illegal” trek themselves. But why should you bother to worry – you’re an American.

    I thank you for educating me, but I don’t need to understand anything. I certainly can have my blog if I like – and I do. If it bothers you then why even read it? I’m glad you stopped by, but I’m just stating my opinion.

    Your stating Iraqis have helped us. Why wouldn’t they? Not only is that country full of great people, but it doesn’t hurt in persuasion when you’re bombing the hell out of their country. What about the refugees we’re creating for other countries as people flee Iraq. I guess it’s ok for us to encourage refugees for other countries, but why should we allow people from countries effected by our financial actions in? Why should Americans have to take responsibility for anything at all? We are surely God’s chosen people.

    And you state

    INVADING Hispanics, many who are un-educated, gangsters, and un-desirables.

    You know full well this isn’t true. You’re telling me that the few of the supposed 30 million (this number is generally held at 12, but I know that 30 sounds more ominous) equal “many.” What is the definition of “many” to you?

    And finally you’re telling me the Bible preaches receiving over giving? I guess if you really believe that then you can work that out with God when the time comes. Before God there will be no borders, no nations, only what good you’ve done to help others and helping migrants does not equal hurting Americans.

    In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news farmers are losing their ability to grow crops because the Americans who supposedly had their jobs stolen have failed to reclaim them – or were they never really stolen at all?

    What do I want to give migrants for free? They work. I know you think I’m warped or crazy, but you stating these migrants to not work is simply odd. That’s why they’re here – to work. Yesterday it was welfare parents and welfare babies (which meant black) and today its migrants. Someone’s always trying to get over on you. There’s always someone to vilify and I suppose that’s satisfying.

    I’m sorry my blog disappoints you. I wish I could go through life and only care for myself – it would be so much easier.

    The “line” you refer to does not exist. What line are you talking about? Many countries south of the border are not allowed to participate in the immigration lottery.

  7. Again there you go….the truth is that there are quotas for all countries desiring to come to this country. And again, i will repeat since you felt like dismissing the line….These are people , and in this case HISPANICS waiting to come to this country who are highly educated and will be a quick asset to this country…..
    Not like their other country men who jumped the fence and pushed those educated Hispanics further back from the quotas allowed from Hispanic communities……
    You never will get it because you have only one side you can see, like the back of your hand …..
    well, turn it over, look at your palm, and you will see that every story has TWO sides….
    we have clearly seen your side as they invaded our country….but when you get wised up enough to understand , if only for a moment while looking at your palm….keep in mind they are Hispanics who made something out of their lives and you dont even care ….how sad that you cant understand right from wrong.

  8. Most immigrant have not arrived to the U.S. “highly educated?” They came here because of what they could not get in their native countries. And what does one’s education level have to do with their ability to be good citizens? It’s all about hard work and determination. I’d have to believe that any highly educated person from Mexico probably has money in their family or is very, very fortunate.

    Now, I think you need to check the INS website because Mexico, and many other countries south of our border, are not included in the lottery. They haven’t been for some time.

    I am fully capable of seeing both sides. I just choose to retain my opinion though I know exactly where you’re coming from. I believe in all people – these migrants and you too.

    How do I not care about Hispanics that have made something for their lives? Many of these successful Hispanic people (though we know there are people from all over the world here undocumented) are trying to get their families and/or friends in here to share in the joy of working in America.

    The only wrong I see here is the treatment of migrants and the refusal to let people in. I live here too and I know what my opinion means to this country. It means allowing hard working people a chance at a good life. I’d rather bring people in here to work rather than sending jobs over seas. Though I think at the end of the day we have a responsibility for all human beings. It is not ok to watch other suffer and do nothing about it. Use every excuse you want, but we have to help one another. I realize there are violent people in this world, but they come from all over. The only way to end violence is through compassion.

    I can’t say it enough. If we foster compassion it will attract positive action. It will bring about positive changes for every person of every country. We all know what keeps people from having satisfying lives – it’s being oppressed by terrible leaders and mega corporations. So let’s treat THEM as the enemy rather than the migrants that are reacting to their oppression. Fighting with compassion (the same kind Martin Luther King preached about) the rest will fall into place. It will certainly feel a lot better than just shooing and shooting.

    What do you think is the best way to deal with the immigration issue and to help these migrants as well? Even if this means deporting them I’d like to get an idea of what you think.

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