KKK prank has troopers in trouble – Sandusky Register

Update on this story from Fox News:

Department of Public Safety director Henry Guzman intended to fire both men based on the investigation. But under a union contract-mandated “last chance discipline agreement,” they can keep their jobs if they maintain a clean behavorial record for the next two years.

Following a March 24 hearing, Wlodarsky was demoted from sergeant to trooper, transferred to the Norwalk post and must attend a diversity awareness class. Franklin was placed on a five-day unpaid suspension, and also must take part in diversity awareness training, patrol documents showed.

A third trooper who received the picture via text message was given a one-day suspension for failing to report the incident and forwarding the photo to a subordinate.

It’s not too good to see police officers behaving this way.

Video news story from WSYX ABC.

In this video one trooper says “everybody laughed about it because it was Martin Luther King Day.” Yet, he’s supposed to be apologizing. Maybe he should just say he did it because that’s how he sees things. If these officers are pro KKK apologizing won’t change it.

KKK prank has troopers in trouble – Sandusky Register
By MIKE FITZPATRICK | Friday April 11 2008, 3:28pm

Two troopers at the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol nearly lost their jobs after one snapped a photo of the other dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan-like outfit and sent the picture to another trooper.

Link to article with photo at WTOL.com


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