Legal Immigrants, Until They Sought Citizenship – NY Times

Here’s a terrible story exemplary of the problems with our immigration system. A father, and Pennsylvania doctor, along with his family, living perfectly legal in the United States seeks citizenship and get deportation orders instead.

Legal Immigrants, Until They Sought Citizenship – NY Times
Published: April 12, 2008

Some immigrants whose naturalization applications were denied over legal details have been ordered to be deported.
Largely overlooked in the charged debate over illegal immigration, many of these are long-term legal immigrants in the United States who were confident of success when they applied for naturalization, and would have continued to live here legally had they not sought to become citizens. (read the full article from the New York Times)

For those of us that were born here we don’t know the challenges others face when wanting to become citizens. There are many obstacles and challenging laws that are very difficult to understand.

Unaware that their marriage could have violated the terms of their green cards, the Servanos settled in the United States. He completed a second medical residency here and began to practice in blue-collar towns where he made house calls and was known for attention to everyday ills. He and Salvacion married in New Jersey in 1987. They renewed their green cards punctually.

Thanks to Just News for pointing out this story.


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