Chertoff defends immigration policy

When you look at immigration in the U.S. it’s apparent there is a sick game being played. In this game the president promotes (and encourages businesses to promote) that people risk their lives to get into this country. Then the president has the Department of Homeland Security out raiding businesses and placing many of these migrants in detention centers ripping apart their families. All the while more people move in and the cycle continues. — We must end this cycle by promoting compassion and stopping the hate. If you want to hate someone then hate president, and our government, for promoting this insanity.

(Similarly, but not necessarily the same issue, we are seeing the promoting of business (mainly manufacturing) outsourcing to other countries.)

Chertoff defends immigration policy – Monterey County Herald
Says enforcement a success
Associated Press
Article Last Updated: 04/13/2008 02:23:06 AM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO — Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says he feels the pain of employers pinched by the federal government’s intensified efforts to control illegal immigration. But until Congress enacts broad immigration reforms, businesses shouldn’t expect any changes in enforcement.

Chertoff said this week that rising complaints from businesses offer some evidence the Bush administration’s approach is working. (full article)

Here we read Chertoff saying that he’s only enforcing the law, but when does human compassion and consciousness override terrible commands by one’s controller? Do we lose our humanity because it’s the law?

“This is harsh but accurate proof positive that for the first time in decades, we’ve succeeded in changing the dynamic and (are) actually beginning to reduce illegal immigration,” Chertoff said. “Unfortunately, unless you counterbalance that with a robust system to allow people to come in temporarily and legally, you’re going to wind up with an economic problem.”
“I would be delighted to see Congress give us a way to bring workers in legally,” Chertoff said. “Those workers would then be able to address the economic needs of the city and they would do it in a legal way. But as long as the law is as it is, I will enforce the law as it is.”

I believe a wonderful poem that illustrates this tragedy we’re in the midst of is “Law” by Charles Bukowski. (click the link and scroll down the page to read the whole poem)

Here’s an excerpt:

ook, he told me,
all those little children dying in the trees,
and I said, what?
and he said, look,
and I went to the window
and sure enough, there they were hanging in the trees,
dead and dying,
and I said, what does it mean?
and he said, I don’t know, but it’s been authorized.
the next day when I got up
they had dogs in the trees
dead and hanging and dying,
and I turned to my friend and said,
what does it mean?
and he said, don’t worry about it,
it’s the way of things, they took a vote,
it was decided,

For those people that read this blog and quickly label me a liberal, communist, or traitor it’s important to note that my bottom line concern is the people. I care more about the people than this country because they are flesh and blood just as I am, just as you are. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t care about this country – what it means is that I care a great deal for people and I care a great deal for this country as well. However, I am not going to support this cruel game being played on people who are obviously coming to this country – from all over the world – for a better life. This is America – the land of opportunity.

It is true that if your house in fire you must put it out first before trying to figure out how it happened lest you lose everything. So what in this issue is the fire? Is it the millions of undocumented migrants in the U.S.? Is it the fact that people are so desperate for a good life that they’ll risk everything to remain in the U.S. undocumented? Is it a grand globalization scheme that seeks to blend all nations together for the advancement of huge megacorporations and their owners, boards and stock holders?

What responsibility does the American consumer have for allowing low wages to prevail in so many other countries? When we buy the cheapest on-sale item do we every think how the item is so cheap or do we just buy it because it is? How much junk do we own and throw away? What a luxury it is to have the ability to pay for something one day and introduce it to the trash bin one month later. Maybe if we made better decisions about what we bought, how it was made and where it came from we’d have more value for these items and would be able to promote better wages globally. Better wages would most likely give others more power to ‘fix’ their own countries as many anti-migrant groups like to chant.

If people believe that migrants drive down the wages then we must subscribe to the fact that they came from places that promoted the lowest wage and that they are so desperate for work that they are not concerned about the wage. Therefore we must believe that we, as Americans, still have the ability to say no to work that does not meet our financial needs. It seems to me that in a country where we can still turn down work things are not as bad as many anti-migrant groups would have you believe.

Do you believe that simply removing the undocumented migrants and putting up a boarder wall will solve this issue and everything will be fine? This simply cannot be true. Even if no foreign person ever is able to get into this country again we cannot remove ourself from this Earth and we must interact with other countries. Building the U.S. as a moated castle makes no sense and is very much against the founding principles of this country. So when Chertoff says he’s just ‘enforcing the law’ I have to believe these laws need to be changed. If we don’t look at this issue as a global one then we are doomed to be in a terrible cycle of hatred and manipulation forever.

I say be responsible, be compassionate, and if you made it this far thanks.


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