Save Our State vs. American Apparel

Save Our State protests American Apparel’s “Legalize LA” campaign outside one of the AP stores. As with most anti-migrant groups they enjoy using cameras to provoke anger in others because they have the right to conduct surveillance on you. While Save Our State screams for liberty lost they refuse to let others live in peace without being video taped. This is just another anti-migrant tactic to make you fear their groups.

Without getting too much into this video please note the fact that the person video taping is wearing Converse which are made in China by the Nike corporation. I guess it’s easy to shove cameras in people faces and provoke their anger, but heaven forbid you actually buy clothing that’s actually made in the U.S.A. via non-sweatshop labor. At least American Apparel (though I don’t agree with their ads) makes clothes in the U.S. and pays a fair wage.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Also please not the following quotes from their website:

It says if we don’t build the wall we’ll be telling our children what it was once like to live in American when people were free. They’re obviously not talking about the United States of America where men were once enslaved and many others made to bear the hatred of others simply because they were immigrants.

If you want to watch the other videos in this series go to You Tube and search for the title above.


2 thoughts on “Save Our State vs. American Apparel”

  1. Yeah everybody was once an immigrant -BUT- we are a sovereign nation with border laws.

    Everybody seems to gloss over the issue that these people who choose to ‘illegally’ cross our borders without FIRST going thru the proper channels is in effect a criminal – they are here ILLEGALLY!! End of story.

    I have researched the SOS website and they are NOT a hate group. You folks think anyone who does not conform to your views (in regards to immigration) is a racist and I’m sick of it.

    I for one refuse to enter any of your stores for now on and am going to let friends and family know as well. Kinda unfortunate as you guys have some cool clothes.


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