Cresitello For Senate?

Donald Cresitello for U.S. Senate –
by Paul M. Bangiola
Wednesday April 09, 2008, 6:05 AM

A month ago it looked like 84-year-old U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg was going to face off against either newbie State Senator Joe Pennacchio or perennial political gadfly Murray Sabrin, to represent the New Jersey in the United States Senate. (full article)

This article touts Cresitello as a good candidate for Senate and exclaims he’s a dynamo. This is ridiculous. He’s turned the center of town into the banking capital of New Jersey rather than making it a place where families can enjoy his city and he’s turned the city into a construction nightmare. Not to mention he’s threatened to remove police from the already small force and when asked about parking int he city he claims he doesn’t care where people are supposed to park.

Enter Donald Cresitello, Mayor of Morristown, the most important small city in New Jersey. Mayor Cresitello has more than thirty years in government experience including two terms as Morristown’s chief executive.

Neither Lautenberg nor Andrews can offer any actual experience running one of New Jersey’s 500 plus municipalities. A drive around Morristown quickly reveals what a dynamo Cresitello has been in jumpstarting nine different redevelopment projects in Morristown during the last two years, including ambitious inclusionary housing plans that integrate retail, commercial and residential needs and serve all income levels.

If we define a dynamo as a person that takes property from long time citizens and businesses owners against their will then yes Cresitello is a dynamo.

In another article we read that the mayor, after increasing his own salary once and asking for another immediately after, is asking to increase Morristown taxes.

Deeb said the administration had an obligation to look for further cuts, due to the high burden some taxpayers carry. Cresitello’s rejected budget contained the town’s first tax increase in two years.

In a struggling economy it’s nice to see the mayor trying to increase taxes for his constituents.


2 thoughts on “Cresitello For Senate?”

  1. I saw this article and was later surprised to find out that Paul Bangiola is the mayor’s lawyer. I really think it’s fine for him to blog about local politics and whatnot, but if he is going to write about the mayor like this, he should have really disclosed that he works for him in this specific article. I thought he was just a big fan.

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