The Wave

This movie documents what happens when people’s desire to be better than others is massaged by a group. By their ‘leader’ (of teacher in this case) they are conned into believing they are superior to others because of their ties to a race, groups, organization, etc. It is one of the only after school specials that contains nothing to laugh about.

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2 thoughts on “The Wave”

  1. My count is Godwin in 15 seconds… jk

    What in the heck are you talking about? Can you explain what your point is other than there’s nothing to laugh about with regards to Nazi Germany.

    Oh and I love the dog rescue efforts. Kudo’s

  2. Mainly I’m just making it available, or possibly introducing it, to those that don’t know about it. However, in context to this blog it refers to those in the anti-migrant movement that seem to feel a superiority to others simply because they’re American citizens.

    I understand that I’m not speaking to all people against undocumented migrants, but I think this movie shows how easy it is to get caught up in the crowd, or the ‘wave.’

    We are blessed at having been born here or having been able to become citizens, but we should seek to help others not so fortunate. Just like I try to do with the dogs, which consequently my fiance was just finishing up details for a dog transport we’ll be participating in this weekend.

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