May Day march creates dilemma for Hispanics (Commentary)

I’ll be out supporting migrants on May Day and I hope you will to. It’s hight time people started thinking for themselves and remove the wires from their brain that feed right into groups like Numbers USA, FAIR, The FIRE Coalition and others. These groups drum up false numbers and ridiculous assertions in order to make you believe that all migrants are evil and want to harm you. The use of the term “invader” says it all. Think for yourself.

May Day march creates dilemma for Hispanics (Commentary)
By EMILY C. RUIZ, Hispanic Link
Pro-immigrant groups across the country are preparing to stage a series of marches May 1, pressing the White House and the Homeland Security Department to halt immigration raids and move forward on comprehensive immigration reform.

“Change is in the air,” Juan Jose Gutierrez, director of the Los Angeles-based Latino Movement USA, promises. (full commentary)

This commentary asks if the May Day marches are worth the effort. I have to say they are because it is important to show that we do care about all people and not just those that happen to have been born in this country. This is about humanity and the fair treatment of others.

If we look at some of the comments from this article it’s easy to see what those of us who are pro-migrant are up against:

Also they only work five or six months out of the year and the other six months they collectwelfare, at the end of the year they do their taxes with a social security number issued to them for tax purposes only.Here’s the clincher they only report the income from their job but they don’t have to report their welfare cash. Our wonderful government sends them up to five thousand dollars back thanks to the earned income credit it provides.Let me tell you these people have found how to scam the system.These people live better than you and I. America please speak up , send e-mails, faxes,call your representatives,we need to do some marching of our own or we won’t have a country.

This is ridiculous. The main seasonal labor is in agriculture which has traditionally been done by guest workers or workers that came in during the season and went back home when the work was gone. The assertion that undocumented migrants are taking welfare is unfounded and untrue. You cannot take welfare if you’re not a citizen of the United States, but I know it makes for a good anger stirrer.

The main organizer of these pro-illegal alien rallies is the Marxist-Leninist organization, “Party for Socialism and Liberation.” These Marxist are aligned and are the members of the steering committee of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, a anti-American organization, supporters of Islamic terrorists.

I’d like to know where this information came from.

Anyone with a penchant for six steps to Kevin Bacon or whatever the game is called can probably connect any group to any other group somehow. It’s done for anti-migrant groups and for pro-migrant groups as well. But the bottom line is if you care about people then you have to retain your own opinion.

If you have your own opinion then you don’t have to subscribe to every assertion of any group. That is where I stand. I’ve read Geraldo Rivera’s “HisPanic” and I watch Alex Jones’ videos. Just think for yourself.


1 thought on “May Day march creates dilemma for Hispanics (Commentary)”

  1. Goodness, undocumented immigrants don’t qualify for welfare and even if they could get it, in most cases by receiving it they would disqualify themselves from getting a green card later on. So the great majority of undocumented immigrants avoid government largesse like the plague. Sometimes I wonder where these crazy ideas come from, then I remember Reagan and the “welfare queens” and remember that for some, it’s all about race. It’s all about “those people” who are out to scam the system, sitting back and collecting checks funded by the rest of us … that’s the storyline, anyway.

    Btw, have you heard about the new farm bill? Unprecedented levels of pork giveaways from the public purse to people and companies who certainly don’t need the money … why aren’t restrictionists up in arms about that?

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