Phil Gordon Slams Arpaio – Feathered Bastard

Give ’em hell, Phil! Hizzoner Phil Gordon slams Sheriff Joe Arpaio during 5th Annual State of the City Address.
Phil takes on AZ’s #1 bully. Will other high profile pols do likewise?

Attorney General Terry Goddard may not want to wield the shillelagh, but “Give ’em hell, Gordon” doesn’t have a problem whacking Nickel Bag Joe upside the head every chance he gets, and rightly so. Today, during Mayor Gordon’s 5th annual State of City Address before the PHX Chamber of Commerce, he let Arpaio have it, drawing a stark contrast between real cops like those at the PHX PD and the beige-shirted bullies of Bozo Joe. (No offense to those at the MCSO who hate the guy — and there are plenty.) (full article)


1 thought on “Phil Gordon Slams Arpaio – Feathered Bastard”

  1. Phil is an idiot and will be watching his political career being flushed down the toilet whether he is recalled or not!

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