We Must Love One Another – MLK

In Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “We Must Love Each Other” (taken from the album “The Wisdom of Martin Luther King”) he states:

People are looking over to the United States today and they’re wondering what we’re going doing about this problem. Looking over from Asia to Africa. Most of these people have been dominated politically. Exploited economically, segregated and humiliated by some foreign power, but today they are gaining their independence more than one billion six hundred million of the former one billion eight hundred million colonial subjects have their independence today and they are saying in no uncertain terms that racism and colonialism must go. The hour is late, the clock of destiny is ticking out. We must act now before it is too late.

I believe this speaks to the issue of immigration as much as it does to civil rights. Though many gains have been made in this country I do not believe we have reached the goal and as this portion of the speech proclaims I believe that today’s migrants are being dominated and exploited by a foreign government – one that calls them residents. Though they survive while forced to hide in the shadows and are being hunted by ICE agents migrants remain a very important part of this country. This is truly a twisted game.

Hopefully even those against these undocumented migrants can understand that they are quite extensively being abused by our current system. We ‘invite’ them in whether on work visas or by waiving jobs unavailable in their home countries and as soon as they get here and are either undocumented by default or run out their visas we begin rounding them up and putting them in detention centers. At the end of this cycle many businesses profit while the migrants lose. The businesses that use their labor get workers which are otherwise unavailable (if you refuse to believe that they truly are taking jobs Americans don’t want you’re delusional) and then the mega jail corporations get to profit from their detention.

This country’s leaders are very pro businesses and will do whatever they have to in order to keep the money flowing upward. From the big deals with mega corporation in the Iraq War, the border wall and migrant detention centers the influx of people considered “illegal” is good for business. The fact that so many migrants are here, working and contributing to our communities and economies tell me we have a place for them and that they should be given legal residency.

What anti-migrant groups need to understand is that when we fight against the individual migrants themselves we are not bringing to light the true problem nor the true solution. We’re simply fueling a system that seeks to devalue the lives of all human beings. To me this would be like blaming the Iraqi people for the Iraq War. Who would make that ridiculous claim?


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