Mayor Cresitello welcomes buyers to Vail Mansion

The following quote is from this video:

I think the history of Morristown is such that we are now returning to what we were in the 1900s. It was a town of greatness. It was certainly a town of wealth; but more importantly than just being a town of wealth which this project certainly indicates we are still a community of diversity and we are developing residential projects in the town of Morristown that will continue to cater to all of the kinds of people who have always lived here. And that’s what makes this town so unique and that’s what makes this town worth living in.

It’s strange to me that the mayor thinks the road to “greatness” is paved by the use of eminent domain against long standing residents and business owners. Not to mention his claim for promoting diversity, I don’t believe, is based in reality. At this dinner he congratulates the construction of very expensive condos in Morristown claiming Morristown will return to being a town dominated by the wealthy. I’d like to hear about his low income housing solutions because I’ve never seen where these homes or apartments are being built.

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