Immigration’s Eduction Impact: America Losing Its Mind – American Chronicle

Frosty Wooldridge is not one of my favorite authors so I so happy to see his latest article vilifying migrants.

Immigration’s Eduction Impact: America Losing Its Mind – American Chronicle
Frosty Wooldridge

April 22, 2008
As a long time teacher from the early 1970s, I witnessed America´s fall from educational excellence to learning mediocrity. Or worse—our educational system evicted unending functionally illiterate kids into mainstream society!

My principal ´encouraged´ me to promote students to the next grade level even though they failed their tests. Those kids faultered in the classroom because their parents failed them as to homework and educational attitude.

I guess the first thing I’ll point out is that maybe Frosty was the problem in his own classroom. As we see above he fails to spell falter correctly. Sure it’s a little mistake, but from someone who claims to have been a teacher and is trying to place the blame of poor education on migrants I’d think he’d at least spell check his article. Not to mention I don’t quite understand his grammar in that same sentence.

Maybe what Frosty should write about here is a failure of himself as a teacher rather than a failed system. If you ask me Frosty is just one of many people who like to find others to blame for things they themselves are a party to. Here he blames a failed educational system, parents and immigrants for classroom troubles rather than looking inward and asking what he could do.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone elude to a failed educational system that started back around the time of desegregation. If you really read into this article you’ll find not only accusations that immigrants dumb down our educational system, but also one that says blacks have done the same. Notice his use of the term “affirmative action grading.” If that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does.

In other words, they got something for nothing! Then, they took jobs where they ´showed up´ for a paycheck.

This same “taking” things and “something for nothing” rhetoric can be found all throughout nativist speak. The funny thing about nativism though is where does it end? Is the last generation of migrants ok or do we need to go back to those here before we ever showed up? Who are the true ‘natives’?

“Immigration has a profound impact on education,” Rubenstein said. “Immigrant children are poorer than native-born children, and their numbers have increased far faster. At least 19 percent of all K-12 enrollments are the result of immigration.

This statement should also alarm you as not all immigrants are poor; yet, people like Frosty would like to make the term “immigrant” a dirty word by painting the most horrific picture and saying that’s what an immigrant is. They’d like you to think an immigrant is simply a dirty and dumb criminal.

As to the ´sinking´ of American education, California proves the bow of the Titanic. Illegal and legal immigrants flood into that state with such speed, California taxpayers must build one new school and staff it with teachers every day, seven days a week—in order to keep up with the flood of immigrant children. Result? Dismal failure of education for California children. Jay Leno illustrates that failure with his simple questions to our nation´s youth.

I’d love to see the stats on this claim. Building a school every day? This makes no sense at all, but it sure is sensational.

That’s all I candle handle of this ridiculousness myself. Read the article at your own risk.


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