Anti-Migrant Designs Available At Cafe Press

I decided to type “migrant” into Cafe Press’ search thinking I might find some pro-migrant t-shirt designs. Instead I found the atrocious anti-migrant designs shown below. The most disgusting of which is the hunting permit and the “save a horse – ride a Mexican” design. People that make these times of designs not only show their hatred for migrants, but also their lack of compassion for life in general. Truly sick.


3 thoughts on “Anti-Migrant Designs Available At Cafe Press”

  1. Isn’t it disgusting? There are some positive shirts out there, but they are harder to find. You have to wade through all the racist ones to get to them sometimes…

    For AZ residents:


    Some cool ones on zazzle:

    One of my personal favorites:

  2. Yes, it’s truly terrible how some people think and it’s obvious from many of these designs that these anti-migrants are not concerned about the undocumented migrants from many other countries. I guess it would be too hard for them to write these terrible slogans in Chinese. They may make a mistake and write “love one another” rather than “deport now” and that’s a mistake that would torture their hateful souls.

  3. […] Sadly this kind of hatred and bigotry can be found all over the internet. Cafe Press, an innocent enough site allowing users to create and print their own artwork onto clothing and household items, has many racist offerings available including riding a Mexican instead of a horse, Uncle Sam urinating on Mexico and an illegal alien hunting permit. (Anti-Migrant Designs Available At Cafe Press) […]

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