Opposition to racist sheriff’s ‘saturation raids’ grows – People’s Weekly World

For all of those that are anti-migrant or “illegal” migrant you’d better be ware that these tactics are so easily shifted to you as well. Once these gestapo tactics are accepted as main stream policing they will be used for everyone.

Opposition to racist sheriff’s ‘saturation raids’ grows – People’s Weekly World
Author: Rock Stanton and Joe Bernick
People’s Weekly World Newspaper, 04/22/08 19:21

PHOENIX – Elected officials, religious leaders, community organizations and civil libertarians have joined a rising chorus here of Arizonans condemning the blatantly racist grandstanding of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Since January 1, Arpaio’s office has been conducting high-visibility sheriff deputy and posse raids on Latino and working-class areas of Arizona’s biggest county.

The raids, which Arpaio claims are aimed at crime and undocumented immigrants, are really designed to stir up prime time TV publicity for the notoriously racist sheriff, and at terrorizing working-class neighborhoods.

This is a case in point:

Once assembled, the sheriff meets officers and deputized posse members who then set out in patrol cars. These “saturation patrols,” as they have been called, look for any and all minor violations such as a broken windshield or tail lamp. Once they stop someone, they demand proof of citizenship or immigration status. They typically make arrests.
Even the right-wing Goldwater Institute has questioned the propriety of Arpaio’s sweeps. Arizona Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican candidate for president, has been absent and has not spoken out against Arpaio’s human and civil rights abuses.


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