What Does Hate and Intolerance Bring?

It should give us much hope that regardless of the amount of insanity and anger being shown by the anti-migrants in this debate we have not had much violence over all – it’s mostly words. Of course, this does not account for the abuses by ICE on migrants both in raids or in detention centers. What I’m referring more to is the fact that as heated as this issue is we have not been flung into a man hunt or civil war (though I have heard some anti-migrants allude to a desire for one). Sadly though if we do not push hatred out of this debate then the possibility of violence toward one another in this country will become very real.

This image from Cafe Press, which is a site allowing users to offer their own artwork to be printed on various items from t-shirts to Christmas ornaments, illustrates the fact that there is a desire currently by some to hunt “illegal” immigrants.

I think of this as I’m reading the book “One Day The Soldiers Came – Voice of Children In War.” In the following passage we’ll see what can happen in the U.S. if we do not let compassion control this debate:

On the night of April 6, the Hutu ethnic majority in Rwanda began a campain of extermination against the Tutis minority and against moderate Hutus. n around a hundred days, or three months, more than 800,000 people were killed. Most of the violence was committed with farming implements, hoes and machetes, mostly by bands of young men, interhamwe, which translates as those who attack together. The interwamwe later fled to the Congo, providing the pretext for Rwanda’s invasion and occupation.

There are accounts from the spring and summer of 1994 of neighbors killing each other, of priests and nuns killing their Tutsi parishioners or moderate Hutus, of mixed families turning the blades on their Tutsi wives of husbands or in-laws, caught up in the genocidal fever. Thousands of Tutsis and Hutus opposed to the genocide fled to the Congo and Tanzania to escape the killing.

This conflict is not unknown to us and it certainly isn’t the first time genocide was practiced.


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