Families To Rally At Shumer’s Office For Child Citizen Protection

Children Born in the United States may be left with friends as family when an undocumented migrant parent is deported. Taken out of context of the immigration debate everyone would agree that a child should grow up with their parents and in the best possible environment. Put back into context it should be no different for these children whose parents sought to give them the best possible lives, in the United States.

Families to Rally At Schumer’s Office for Child Citizen Protection Act – Village Voice Blog
Posted by Maria Luisa Tucker at 4:08 PM, April 25, 2008

Scores of children will join the ranks of political activists on Saturday, at an immigrant rights’ vigil in midtown. The event, co-sponsored by the New Sanctuary Movement and Families for Freedom will call for the passage of a law that could keep deportable immigrants and their kids together.


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