Copwatch Press Conference with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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(click the video and watch all the videos in this series.) It’s not ok to enforce an unjust law or, as Joe is doing, misinterpret the law and enforce it incorrectly.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an odd character. When you watch him speak to this crowd he goes from a finger pointing gestapo figure, telling those that appose him that he’s the sheriff so they better watch out, to a whining child-like figure whose hands are tied because “it’s the law.” I was just enjoying the movie Blade Runner the other night and a quote struck me. Bryant tells Deckard “You either a cop or you’re little people.” I think this is the mindset of the sheriff and many of those in power. Just look at the Sean Bell case where 50 bullets was ok because the police did it.

“I got my posse out there and I got my troops out there””Isn’t that great that the people volunteer to help fight crime. That would save the tax payers millions of dollars.”

“What’s that? Let ’em go? I can’t take people out of the jail. They’re locked up. I don’t have the right to take them out of the jail until the court cases dispose of ’em (I think this is what he said it was hard to hear the last part) I would be violating laws if I did that so I can’t do that – that’s garbage.”

He mocks the protesters by saying “Protest? What protest? There’s five guys out here – I’ve locked up more illegals in one hour than are out here.”

In the following article Arpaio is interviewed. Some answers make him seem as though he’s just enforcing the law. So if the law was to shoot everyone he’d do that too apparently. Truthfully Joe’s anger show that he is doing exactly what he wants to do.

Arpaio talks about feuds, policies and reputation – Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic

He doesn’t use a computer, only a Smith-Corona typewriter. He saves all the thousands of letters he gets and answers each one personally – no “signature stamp” needed.

He boasts of having zero hobbies, proud of the fact he doesn’t play golf. An unabashed self-promoter, he is a lightning rod for both criticism and praise here and across the nation.


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