Flor Crisostomo – Moving Towards May 1st

As we move toward May 1st let us not forget about Flor Crisostomo taking refuge in the Chicago church.

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Immigrant tells of hard choices – BBC News
By Emilio San Pedro

Flor Crisostomo’s story echoes that of many of the millions of Latin Americans who, faced with dim economic prospects, opt to leave everything and everyone they know back home to seek a better life in the United States.

Flor, an indigenous woman from Mexico, is among the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, the majority of them Mexican, currently in the US.

But having sought sanctuary in a Chicago church to evade capture, Flor is now also one of the figureheads of the campaign to get the US government to push through a comprehensive immigration reform to grant legal status to many illegal immigrants in the country.

All the nativists can speak of sovereignty all day, but what about the U.S. policies that effect people in other countries? Are we not responsible for those? Why is this never mentioned by the anti-migrant crowd. They never mention how the U.S. is responsible for much of the oppression in the world. I don’t need to say any more than Iraq, but Iraq is only one example of many.

Flor, 29, came to the US more than seven years ago, leaving behind three young children, two boys and a girl, who are looked after by her mother.

Their family’s small farming business had been ruined by the North American Free Trade Agreement, Nafta, Flor says.

And because it’s always important to see the hatred and insanity coming from the anti-migrant side here are some of the You Tube comments for the video above.

The commenter stating that Flor is not Rosa Parks – I agree, but one major difference that goes unsaid is that Rosa was descended from people who were forced to come to the U.S. and work as slaves while Flor made the decision to come on here own. However, they both represent an oppression and the fact that our government and some of the people of this country can always find ways to vilify other people. It’s easy to do because she isn’t white and you can ‘identify’ her. As Latino friends of mine would say, in police terms, she “fits the description.” And for Rosa Parks, she fit the description of a dirty black person that shouldn’t be allowed to drink from the same water fountain as a white person, who’s children shouldn’t be allowed to study with white children and who should give up her seat to a white person on the bus. Most importantly let’s not forget that this was only in 1955. Most of us still have relative alive who read this story in the newspaper, but I guess it’s never to early to forget and never to late to repeat the terrible annals of history. So today Flor is seen as an “illegal” – a person that doesn’t belong here. It doesn’t take too long reading anti-migrant sites that it’s not undocumented migrants that are the problem – just the ones that look like Flor. They’re dirty and poor and should “go home and fight their own revolution” as many wonderful nativists scribe onto poster board with ‘magic’ markers most likely manufactured abroad.


10 thoughts on “Flor Crisostomo – Moving Towards May 1st”

  1. Prices for food goods are shooting through the roof. These “farmers” don’t actually want to be farmers. That’s just a convenient excuse.

    They’re here because they can make MORE money here, not because they can’t make ANY money there.

    btw, any figurehead “of the campaign to get the US government to push through a comprehensive immigration reform to grant legal status to many illegal immigrants” shouldn’t be hanging the Mexican flag on the wall of their sanctuary.

    If you want citizenship, we expect you to put this country first. That’s why there’s such resistance to giving 10+ million illegal immigrants the right to vote.

    Those numbers are why our sorry politicians pander to them. Ignoring the fact that such political influence was Mexico’s plan when they began granting dual citizenship status in 1995.

    “Comprehensive immigration reform” would actually be putting the merit of an individual first rather than family ties. They just prettied “amnesty in exchange for votes” up with a politically correct name.

  2. Just to be clear I’m an American and I don’t fit into your “we expect you to.” So don’t proclaim to speak for everyone when you truly don’t.

    As far as working here for more money I understand that. The difference is so extreme that it warrants risking death to get here.

    Why can’t a person hang a Mexican flag? I thought this country was about being free.

  3. Sym,

    Nobody’s sayin’ you CAN’T hang a Mexican flag, they’re sayin’ that if you want to be credible, you shouldn’t…

    When there are protests in America about immigration and the illegals all wear Mexican flag t-shirts and wave Mexican flags, they’re diggin’ their own return home tickets.

    America is a fiercely patriotic nation, save for a few bleeding-heart socialists who think we owe the world a hand up.

    Again, it’s not a “CAN’T, it’s a “SHOULDN’T”… BIG, difference, Sym, BIG difference. It’s like wearing a confederate flag t-shirt in Compton… simply put, it’s DUMB.

  4. How is she supporting herself while she is living in the church? Is she working for her room and board at the church? If so, does that mean that the church, who pays no taxes, is in effect , her employer. Does she pay taxes or does she just live in a TAX FREE church.
    Oh, wait a minute, I remember, I’m the American citizen, so I’m paying the taxes.

  5. I know you’d love it to be true but it ain’t just “illegals” flying those flags. And those flags are meant to show where they’re from not a sign of resistance to assimilation or aggression towards the U.S.

    It’s actually not like wearing a conf. flag shirt in Compton as the Mexican flag is not a symbol for hate groups nor a reminder of slavery. (Though I understand it wasn’t meant as such when created.) Did Mexico enslave the U.S. at some point in history that I missed?

  6. Liz,
    You may understand that a church gets donations from it’s members and does not take your tax dollars. The government takes your tax dollars.

    However, I’m glad to know you’re concerned about Flor’s well being. She has put her life on hold for a cause which is much more than many anti-“illegal” immigrant commenters will ever do.

    I suppose you think caring for your fellow man is such a terrible thing? Since when did laws and taxes trump common humanity and morality?

  7. “Did Mexico enslave the U.S. at some point in history that I missed?”

    They’re workin’ on it. Do the words “La Raza” ring a bell, Hun?

    How is Flor’s life “on hold for a cause”? She’s just avoiding getting busted, just like any other criminal. She’s just found a convenient loophole in the church.

    She’s lucky I’m not her local Immigration guy. She’d be on the first truck back home, church or not. I was a good little altar boy for years, by the way, so I respect the church. But being in one is not a license to commit a crime.

    Going home and taking care of her babies would be the honorable thing… she’s just hiding from the cops and taking advantage of bored, naive little housewives with nothing better to do.

  8. As to wearin’ and wavin’ the mexican flag, ya gotta remember the basic ground rule of “offensive”, that being that offensive is in the eye of the beholder.

    The intent of the offender isn’t really important to the offendee, in fact it’s irrelevant.

    I used to live in Atlanta, I know scores of folks who feel the Confederate flag is a symbol of their heritage and of their ancestors who fought the war of northern aggression.

    However, their intent, no matter how sincere and innocent, doesn’t change the feelings of those whose ancestors were kidnapped and sold and brought here against their will. To them, it’s a symbol of the slavery of their people and the worst possible form of offensive, akin to showing older Brit’s the swastika…

    To many in the USA, the display of a Mexican flag during an ILLEGAL immigration protest is the same kind of offensive.

    To reiterate, offensive is a matter of perception and timing and is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

    If you had an open mind you’d see that. But your mind is too filled with contempt for those who don’t share your Utopian view that what we have built with sweat and blood is our responsibility to share wit anyone who asks.

    BUT, I am happy to say we are not responsible for the ills of Mexico and we are firmly in control of our rules.

  9. I’m sorry, but Mexico is not working on enslaving the United States. “La Raza” means the people and it’s awfully strange that people believe an organization created to help people who have suffered racism and prejudice is all the sudden standing with their boots atop our backs. Do you believe the same thing about the NAACP?

    It’s one thing to be “a good little altar boy”, it’s quite another to be a caring human being. Not that you don’t care for others, but it surely doesn’t seem you care for migrants.

    How can it be the same kind of offensive? The Mexican government neither enslaved people nor did they commit genocide against us. So while I understand that people get offended (though there are many American flags waived too) it’s not at all the same and it’s quite a terrible analogy.

    You’re so quick to think I have contempt for everyone that doesn’t share my “utopian” view. If that was the case I’d hate members of my own family which is a ridiculous assertion.

    Why is it that we aren’t responsible for others? Even though I do believe we are responsible (or our government is) for some ills in Mexico it would be nice to think as human beings we care for one another. Why not?

  10. Guess there’s more than one LaRaza… your definition doesn’t fit the one they claim here in Colorado.

    Just curious, where might you be??? It might help understand your view of the world, and of the problem herein.

    I care a lot for migrants, many of them are friends of mine. Arguably, we don’t share the same views on everything, but they’re friends none-the-less.

    I even care about the illegals, but they made the choice to BREAK THE LAW to come here, so they must be punished.

    Why is it that those of you with hearts that bleed continue to say that those who disagree with you must hate and don’t care… I do care, but at the same time I also care about the rule of law.

    We are not responsible for the ills of the world because we don’t have the time nor resources to fix everything, therefore we must fix US first.

    Why is this not a reasonable prioritization?

    There is poverty in the US, there is CRIME in the US…

    When we have no crime here, no poverty here, no despair here, then we can worry about the rest of the world.

    For now, let’s focus on here. If we did, and we kept our noses out of everyone elses business for a few decades, every nation would be better off.

    Again, fix the poverty and crime here. I suggest we start with the criminals…

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