Stop Making Bombs And Guns For War – And Stop Fighting

I’m not against the responsible ownership of guns, but the sad reality is that responsibility and guns are not often wed. The fact is that guns kill people. Holding a gun gives you the god-like power to take the life from another human being. That is obviously not a power one should take for granted and for many families who have lost children – children that discovered where the family’s guns were kept – we see that power held and so sadly taken away by the same hand. For those that have lost children to war we see how the governments of the world are irresponsible with this power as well. When do we, as citizens of the Earth who supposedly control our government, say enough is enough? When will the bomb makers leave the assembly line? When will the gun makers find another art?

I will forgive those who make bombs, who carry them and explode them, killing many, including many who are not guilty of the injuries to those who want to explode the bombs. – JP from 43 Things.

The sad truth is that guns were created for war. Long before the gun was every conceived hunting had been perfected so they weren’t need for that purpose. Those that learned to heard and raise animals needed no projectiles at all to acquire their meat and those that did used arrows or spears. What was needed (and was created) was a more deadly and effective way to kill other human beings. Guns were made to hunt people as they are used for mostly to this day.

No other example shows how guns and their killing can trouble the soul than the story of Sarah Winchester who constantly ran from the ghosts of those her husband’s guns had killed. The Winchester rifle has been given the title “the gun that won the west”. Once this repeating rifle was created the Native Americans didn’t stand a chance.

If a person is making home-made bombs in their garage or basement we generally see that as a reprehensible act and we would alert the authorites to arrest them. However, when the government makes thousands of bombs capable of killing many more people we think nothing of it – our government, of course, if ‘responsible’ (no pun intended). It’s been approved by their rubber stamp so it must be ok. But how is a bomb maker any different than an illicit drug maker who knowingly toils away creating an item that hurts others? While they both destroy lifes of those that ‘use’ their protect at least the customers of the drug maker have a choice.

How do we justify death and murder in this capacity? Is this just the way things are? Must we accept this as a reality we cannot chnage? What if the bomb makers refused to make any more bombs? In this I’m speaking to those on the production line for Lockeed Martin and other bomb/missle making companies. Of course we would still have the many bombs that have already been made just waiting to take lives, but what if everyone decided to refuse to create, fire or carry bombs? What if the bomb makers was creating their own bomb? If their boss said “Henry, that bomb’s going to be dropped on your house – make it good.” I don’t think that bomb would be down the assembly line. Do you?

We often feel powerless to the government machine, but we are not remote control devices implanted with servos and sensors. We are human beings with the capacity to think for ourselves. Why do we believe (or practice ‘belief’ through allowance) that if out government decides to do something it must be right? Why is it ok that tens of thousands, if not more, Iraqis have been slaughtered – Iraqis that had nothing to do with 9/11 or any other infraction against the U.S.? Why is it ok that hundreds of thousands have fled the country as refugees because of our ‘just’ war?

Whether we’re talking about the Iraq War or immigration we need to stand up for humanity and I call on those people that create missles, bombs and guns for war to consider what the fruits of your labor bring. Are these craftsmen and women not responsible on some part for the death their products bring? Can we not all simply refuse to stop the assembly line – to lay down the bombs and guns before our government every gets a chance to use them or sell them to another country? This question is not only for the U.S., but for all nations.

Here is a site showing a list of U.S. soldiers who refused to fight in the war. Though I believe that all soldiers are brave and should be commended for their duty these soldiers show us that you can refuse to obey orders that are unjust.


16 thoughts on “Stop Making Bombs And Guns For War – And Stop Fighting”

  1. I understood this criticism would come, but the idea is that we should not continue something just because it’s accepted as being ok.

    Truly guns do kill people and you can’t deny that they were created for that purpose and no other. If I was working on some little invention and you stopped by the garage and asked “whatcha making?” and I said “just a device that will make it easier to kill people I don’t want around.” What would you think? You’d probably think I was crazy and you’d call the police.

    It’s easy to say I’ve gone “all stupid” because what I say is so true. It’s like saying I’m stupid because my post is titled “the grass is green and the sky is blue.”

    Rather than calling me stupid, humor me and expand your thoughts. Hopefully we can both agree that death and war aren’t exactly a good thing.

  2. Hopefully by now you realize that I’m not attacking you (even though I find precious little to agree with you on). So I’ll just let that slide. I am seriously not trying to attack you though. Discourse only. I read contrary opinions because I might learn something. I believe that an open mind is a good thing. No attack, discourse only QED.

    Your blatant disregard for personal accountability has to have an end somewhere. I realize that you live in a dream world where a Utopian society actually could exist but I live in the real world.

    People kill people. Not guns. This is an immutable fact. A gun is a tool. If you want to criticize people that use guns to kill others knock yourself out, but I can’t let you off the hook here with that blatant illogical tripe.

    You rescue dogs (like me) so there’s hope for you.

  3. I don’t feel attacked and I actually appreciate the criticism.

    I’m glad you brought up the dogs because it would be so easy for us to dismiss the tragedies befalling dogs in our country. We could just ignore it like everyone else, but we don’t.

    If we accepted the fact that dogs are abused and put to sleep as a part of life why would we bother trying to help them at all? This complacency, which we do not exhibit here, is the problem. Just like in my commentary I ask what if those that made bombs, missiles, etc refused to do so anymore? It’s no different then people waking up and ending the cruel treatment of animals who are often simply something ‘cute’ to own until they grow.

    We all have to make moral decisions everyday. If smoking kills people and my job is to make cigarettes then I have to decide if I’m ok with that. Maybe if a loved one dies from smoking then my mind would change on the matter. This is no different than the missile maker. What if your job was to make missiles and you found out one you’d made killed your loved one? However ridiculous these questions sound I feel they are completely legitimate because they tell of the tragedies that complacency and acceptance bring.

    People pull the trigger, absolutely, but if we had never been in the mindset to create such a weapon then neither the gun nor the trigger finger would exist. It’s like keeping your house clean because you know that germs can make you sick. You certainly wouldn’t refuse to wash your dishes simply because they’ll get dirty again anyway. It’s about refusing to accept things just because that’s the way they are. We must change them. I guarantee if we can encourage a world where compassion is held over aggression then both us and the animals will be victorious. Far fetched – yes, but worth hoping for.

  4. Okay, let’s relate this to dogs. When we find a dog that is abused and dropped off to be put to sleep (for instance) the dog is brought into rescue and given a full checkup. All shots, temperament testing, housebreaking, etc. This dog is brought back from feral by caring, loving people. And then we try to find a home for this dog…

    We don’t just let anyone adopt a dog. Why not?

  5. One thing that’s important to note is that a dog cannot fend for itself. We have bred them to depend on man just like our government has us depending on it. This makes us too scared to really fight against its insane policies. I think our thoughts about war and violence need to be brought back from feral.

    My point wasn’t to use dogs as an analogy for the situation in this country. The point was to say that when we see a problem (both of us in helping the dogs) we are doing something positive about it. Why not just shoot the dogs? Or the cats for that matter? Wouldn’t that ‘fix’ the problem? We wouldn’t do that because it’s immoral; so why are we shooting people in Iraq? It’s sick and ridiculous.

    It’s all about choosing to do the right thing. Where are “caring, loving people” when we talk about weapons, war or immigration. All living things deserve a chance.

    Thanks for the response and sorry for the late reply.

  6. I hear you.

    The point I’m trying to make with the dog analogy is about accountability. We don’t give a rescued dog to just anyone because if there were no measurables to meet, we’re likely to give people seeking dogs for fighting, etc. Unsavory individuals won’t get a dog from a responsible rescue because the organization vets applicants (no pun intended) thoroughly to weed out people that might be damaging to a dog.

    Basically we apply a measure of accountability because we have to.

    The same should apply for humans wanting to purchase guns. The accountability shouldn’t come from “the government” because the human wishing to purchase a gun is a freaking HUMAN! They should know better than to use a gun to kill someone. Put your criticism on the human element and we’ll agree all day.

    As to your statement that “all living things deserve a chance” that’s really not the way nature intended it. The strongest survive. You can’t buck eons of development overnight because you “care”.

    Glad to have a civil discussion with you even though we obviously disagree.


  7. Hey I’m going to let you have the last word on this. This is your place, I’ve stated my case. We disagree. C’est La Vie. I still respect that you want the best and I really think the world of you for being so embracing of life. (even though I still disagree with you on an the fundamental atomic level, hehehehehe)

    Thanks for allowing me to give my point of view on your blog.


  8. I think we understand each other and this is really how these discussions should work. Sadly I often get crazy profanity filled rants that make little sense so you’re always welcome.

    It’s true that a person has to make the decision about buying a gun, but I’d imagine any adult, as responsible as they may be, would live with great regret if their child shot themselves with a gun they purchased. Without the gun the accident wouldn’t have happened.

    I guess you could say the child was weak and in a Darwinian sense deserved to die for being ignorant when handling the gun, but that seems to be a sad way of looking at things and I’m sure a parent wouldn’t say “well, that’s the way it goes…”

    Not to go off too much, but I’m reading a book called “One Day The Soldiers Came: Voices of Children In War” which is about the children effected by violence in Africa and the parts of Asia. Here we read of children that are essentially forced into becoming soldiers because they have no other choice. In this case it is not only the gun that is manipulated to do the killing by the trigger finger, but the child manipulated by the adult. Of course this isn’t like buying a gun here in the states. Most of these weapons are supplied by countries such as ours in an effort to support the insane violence in those countries.

    Even though I use the irresponsible gun owner as an example I’m really speaking to the war machine. Jimmy down the street who likes to go to the firing range or just wants to protect his family isn’t hurting anybody; it’s the massive shipment of weapons to areas of the world that are involved in conflict. Of course, it would be nice to live in a world where we didn’t have to worry about others trying to hurt us. I know that’s a ridiculous statement, but it’s nice to think.

    But in speaking about the ridiculousness of peace and happiness how crazy would you have looked in the middle-ages to have told others we’d be traveling outside of the Earth or that we’d be able to communicate instantly around the globe? Computers are created out of the same materials available to Neanderthals, but they were not technologically advance enough to create them. However, their small inventions began the process. Now our small actions need to begin the process to end war and suffering on the Earth. We may never see it in our lifetime, but we can certainly get the ball (or wheel) rolling.

    Thanks again for the discussion.

  9. The fact is, whether we accept it or not, war is upon us. The Islamofacists want to kill us. For over 25 years we tried to ignore their attacks on us hoping they’d just go away. Unfortunately, our failure to confront the attacks merely emboldened the aggressors.

    Why do peace activists always assume that war and violence is unilateral on the side of America? If America simply gave us its right to defend itself, then there would be no Akmadinejahds plotting to wipe Israel and America off the map?

    It’s the ultimate American narcissism…the delusional world view that we are responsible for everything bad.

  10. Your second comment shows that doing something good is the best way to go.

    I think what war supporters fail to recognize is the fact that the United States promotes war and actually provokes it in many cases. It’s just that we don’t use guns to do it so it’s not so apparent. However, that’s not to say that we’re responsible for all aggression.

    I believe you’re failing to recognize the damage this country has done to so many. Not only did we put Saddam in power, which obviously is going to make a few people mad (imagine if another country came here and put ‘their’ chosen leader into power). A huge part of Ron Paul’s campaign (not that he’s my choice) is about this terror we’ve created around the world. Saddam is only one of many dictators we’ve placed into power that have gone on to torment their people.

    Sure, war has been around since the beginning of time and the battle between Muslims and Christians is nothing new, but we have to change that mindset. Without going to long – if you believe that 9/11 was not something our government wanted to happen you’d better think again. Bush and those that control him care no more for Iraqis than they do you and me. I know it makes for a warm-and-fuzzy to think these people love us, but we’re as disposable as a gum wrapper. Just look around at what’s happening.

  11. The root cause of gun murders and gun violence lies not on the tool, but rather it is the mentality of the individual who owns the tool. Think about it. Why exactly do we need to see people killing other people. A person killing wild creatures in the forest (for population control) is no different from a person killing another person. Gun control laws do not solve anything. Limiting gun use do not solve anything either. The only way to solve this violence is to get to the root cause of it all. As stated above, it all lies within our sub-conscience mind. How we see, feel, and interact with one another. Get the idea. We are all one human race. World unity, we stand. Divided human race, we fall.

    1. Let’s say I asked you to dig a 12′ x 12′ x 12′ hole for some amount of money. I then told you that your hands were the only tool you could use. I doubt you’d use it. However, if I provided you with a large piece of equipment to do the work for you you’d probably have no problem. A gun allows a person to quickly kill even quicker than they can make a reasonable decision. Guns are made to kill – that is their function. Guns make killing so easy that there’s no thinking involved. Do you think all of these children and adults being killed would have been killed with knives and bats in the same way? Of course not because it takes far more effort and strength to kill someone like that.

      Guns do kill. They are literally the tool used to kill.

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