Bill Balsamico Fears The Day Whites Become A Minority

That means by the time all the illegal and legal immigration comes into this country, the white race will be a minority and we will be able to declare it a history month for ourselves as another ethnic group did and it‘s not a slur on another ethnic group. It‘s just a fact. (From ‘The Situation with Tucker Carlson’ June 5, 2006.)

This is a great write-up about Bill Balsamico and his terrible signs applauded as the ‘truth’ by many unsavory people.

Pennsylvania Diner Billboards: The Poor Man’s Right-Wing Blog
Note to self: Never go to North Versailles, Pennsylvania.

I was watching The Situation With Tucker Carlson today (God knows why), who gladly had a man named Bill Balsamico on the show. He is the owner of a restaurant named Casa D’Ice in North Versailles (and likely the inventor of balsamic vinagrette dressing, I’d imagine). Tucker championed this guy Bill as a sort of patriotic everyman because he has put his conservative political opinions on a billboard outside the restaurant, which apparently are getting rave reviews.

For more on Bill and his desire to be president see my other post on this class act.


4 thoughts on “Bill Balsamico Fears The Day Whites Become A Minority”

  1. You belly rubbers think Bill Balsamico is out of line , wait until Obama gets his foot in the White House or will it be The Black House ?

  2. Oh by the way , there wouldn’t any cities in Africa or even a United States if it wasn’t for white people. When you hear the last flush as the USA goes down the drain you will know that whites are a minority.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and illustrating why this site is necessary.

    If you and Balsamico are worried about a white minority then maybe it’s time to do some genealogy and go back to the country your ancestors migrated from.

    This is a land of immigrants which mean immigrants from all over the world and I hate to have to tell you this, but they’re not all white.

    I’m not sure what you’re at regarding cities unless you’re just speaking about the English word “cities” rather than a group of people living together in community. I do believe communities have been around since the beginning, but if you know something I don’t I’d be happy to hear it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and illustrating what a belly rubber is. I’m sure glad you you pointed out that immigrants come from all over the world and not all are white. This has kept me up nights for a long time. Hey I bet that not all of them are black either. Glad to learn to that a group of people are now cities. Now I have to wonder if cities have been around since the beginning. Is this the English word ” Beginning ” ? I am now Scottish American and stay in touch with relatives in Scotland. They pass along info from there and it’s not good. Europe is laughing at the US since Clinton’s Affair , Hillary looting the White House.and our fighting Iraq and our running a man for president who thinks Muslim. What A Mess

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