Christie tells Dover: Being undocumented ‘not a crime’ – Daily Record

Christie tells Dover: Being undocumented ‘not a crime’ – Daily Record
By Tehani Schneider • Daily Record • April 28, 2008

DOVER — Preventing gang violence in New Jersey, fighting terrorism and cracking down on state corruption were key issues that U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie touched upon in a two-hour forum at the United Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon.

Fostering relations among the local Latino community and discussing immigration reform, however, were the basis for the event, sponsored by the church and the Morris County chapter of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey.

Fred Snowflak, of the Daily Record, recently criticized Cresitello for claiming he was hiring a multiple offense criminal to “give him a chance”; yet, when it comes to undocumented migrants he want to lock them up and deport them.

(Cresitello’s compassion is far from universal – Daily Record) Jerome Kennedy, 49, has spent in total about 41/2 years in jail for drug possession and endangering the welfare of a child. A short time after he was freed in 2005, Kennedy was hired as a laborer by the town of Morristown.

Mayor Donald Cresitello says he made the hiring decision himself and called it “one of my proudest achievements.” He said the media’s interest in this subject was “disgraceful” and “disgusting.” Hold on, mayor — hiring an ex-con is going to draw public attention.

Martinez noted that Christie has been openly critical of actions taken by Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello, who unsuccessfully sought to impose 287G, a federal immigration program to deputize Morristown’s police officers as immigration agents.

Compassion is the key. Just say no to Donald “Eminent Domain” Cresitello.


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