Voice Of The People USA To Rally Against Migrants On May 1st

There claim that May 1st is a day to say “Illegal and Proud” is absurd and ridiculous. How would be proud to be “illegal” in any situation? What these migrants want is a chance at the American dream – the dream that probably all the people speaking at VOP’s rally were born into. Let’s not forget that Ruth Miller, who will speak at this event, called Mexicans dirty and laughed citing a study showing Hispanics had high rates of diabetes. That information was found by ‘joining’ her forum from which I was banned because they don’t want just anybody seeing the filth there. The fact that Stormfront allows anyone to view their forums shows you how worried some groups are that they’ll be found out as prejudiced or worse. Why can’t we view the forums? Is it because one of the other people in the Illegal Protest forum has an avatar showing that America is full and nobody else is allowed in? And they claim they’re for “legal” immigrants. That’s just, as they say, hooey. Both FAIR and Numbers USA, beloved by these groups actually advocate an end to immigration.

By the way – I’ll be rallying for migrant rights which is something positive. I believe all humans are equal and that we should show compassion toward each others. And yes, this even includes the speakers at the VOPUSA rally. I still have hope for you guys. I know you’ll see that hatred doesn’t pay you back with love.

From their website:

Thursday, May 1st, 2008


Hazle Township Community Park, Hazle Township

Rally begins at 6:00pm. Will run til 7:30pm.

Scheduled to speak, Dan “Digger” Amato, Digger’s Realm

Dan Smeriglio, Andrew Woodring, Frank Scavo, Renee Butts, VOPUSA PAC

Ed Medashefski, VOPUSA PAC
we would also like to give Ed a special thank you for getting us the park to hold the rally on Thursday. Thank you for everything you have done for the group!!!

Ruth Miller, Illegalprotest.com

Plus more speakers to be announced!!! T shirts will be sold!!!

Spread the word! Take a stand against the illegal’s “Illegal and Proud” rallies across the USA on May 1st!! Voice of the People needs you!!!


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