What’s The Deal With PA And Anti-Migrants?

Philadelphia seems to be a hotbed for anti-migrant people with loud voices. The most prominent of which is Mayor Lou Barletta who claims that all our ills are caused by undocumented migrants (or are they just his scapegoats for mis-managing his town’s money?). And if that’s not enough there are hordes of skinheads and white supremacists in PA too. So if you hate migrants then you know the best place to go is PA. (No offense to all the good people of PA – as I know there are many. It’s just that nobody gets noticed for placing “love one another” on a sign outside of their business. If you do something sick and evil like ask that Iraq be nuked then everyone seems take note and applaud you.)

I guess in PA it’s more appropriate to speak your mind against migrants than the many puppy mills who abuse animals there. For those that aren’t aware many of the expensive pure breed dogs come straight out of PA and are born in deplorable conditions. Maybe these guys should protest that. Here’s a google search on pupply mills in PA.

I guess the Liberty Bell doesn’t mean much and that the man celebrated as the “Italian Stallion” is no more than an unpatriotic boxer who should shut up about the country his ancestors were from. I mean that’s how these guys feel about Hispanics so why does Rocky get to be Italian? Shouldn’t he be the ‘American Stallion’? So who are these Pennsylvania guys that love to hate migrants?

Four I know of are Joey Vento, Bill Balsamico, Bob Beierle and of course Mayor Lou Barletta. Joey and Bill own restaurants while Bob owns a publication called “Our Town Jersey.” Joey is more low key with his views as he expresses them on a small 4″ x 6″ sign (apprx) on a window at his cheese steak shop Geno’s Steaks. Bill and Bob get a little more raunchy and reach further out into the crowd. Bill has a huge sign outside his restaurant on which he writes nice notes like “nuke Iraq and turn it into kitty litter” (paraphrased) and Bob’s magazine contains such gems as jokes about men’s penises being cut off and nuns carrying rifles decreeing that all Muslims will be greeted in heaven by these nuns rather than the ‘virgins’ they expected.

Both Bill and Bob give you their inappropriate diatribes in such a format that your whole family can enjoy them. Bob’s “Our Town Jersey” is available at supermarkets and claims to be a “community publication.” I guess in Bob’s defense he doesn’t claim it’s a wholesome community publication and it certainly isn’t unless you enjoy telling misogynistic and prejudiced jokes to your children. As I assume there is a culture that does enjoy letting their children in on the truth that migrants and women (especially blondes) are stupid and ‘beneath’ us white men it’s no surprise that Bob’s magazine gets a little wooden shelf inside many family stores such as ShopRite. Read more about Our Town Jersey in the post titled “Our Town Jersey Will Spread Like A Weed.”

Bill Balsamico likes to use his big sign outside his restaurant named “Casa D’Ice” (named ironically by a man that is opposed to the use of any language except English) to tell us all what we should think. He claims he just “speaks his mind” and isn’t afraid to do so, but I guarantee those signs are just a skim off the surface of what Bill really thinks about migrants, minorities, and are foreign affairs. To read more about Bill and his signs see my post here titled “Casa D’Ice Not To Nice.”

As for Joey Vento his sign is tame compared to the two guys above. It simply says “This is America When Ordering Please Speak English.” The problem with his sign is it has no other purpose but to anger people and bring attention to Joey’s establishment by belittling migrants. It’s been successful at doing both. While Joey claims he does not refuse to serve anyone he does admit that even his own grandmother never truly grasped the English language. Of course, I should note, that a person who cannot speak English certainly can’t read it so his ‘rules of engagement’ truly have no meaning to non-English speakers. Read more at ‘Speak English’ sign at Philly cheesesteak joint ruled legal – USA Today.

For information on Barletta just do some google searches. You can also read Barletta: Illegals are behind many problems in U.S..

So what is the deal with anti-migrant sentiment in PA and should we build a wall around the state?


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