Migrant Rights Are Human Rights: Go Out And March!

I have a backlog of issues to write about such as the latest few issues of Our Town Jersey – I was reminded by my incoming searches which suggests the people at Our Town are looking for what I’m writing. However, today is a day to rally for human rights and the most basic fundamental staple of the United States – immigration.

I know it’s so easy to forget our beginnings here in the U.S., but we are all immigrants and we’re not going to shut down the immigration system like FAIR and Numbers USA want us to. We’re not going to preach that Hispanics and other immigrants are deplorable people that don’t deserve our hospitality. We’re going to stand up for each other because we’re compassionate human beings. Those that preach hate will get hate in return. Those that preach compassion will get compassion in return.

If that doesn’t make sense then walk up to a stranger and tell them something nice – see what happens. Or you can tell them something nasty and you’ll find you’ll get the same in return. It’s the most simple thing I know.

So go out and rally for your fellow human beings!! Compassion for all! Rights for all! Together we cannot fail!


2 thoughts on “Migrant Rights Are Human Rights: Go Out And March!”

  1. Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States.
    Ask any Indian. Robert Orben

  2. I’m not sure what side of the issue your comment is supposed to fall, but yes we did essentially invade and take this country from the Indians. Now we must realize that the country we created is one of immigrants and unlike our forefathers we must show compassion to others. Truly many of the people who are undocumented are closer to Native American than we are.

    Just because there was aggression in the past doesn’t mean it should continue. We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes.

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