May 1st – New York Rally and March

Solidarity and unity were on display in New York city as many people joined together to stand up for human rights. Issues addressed at the rally included immigration policy, workers rights, the Iraq War and the atrocity committed against Sean Bell.

The idea of this rally is to say we’re all one, we’re all in this together as the workers of the world. When we fight for worker’s rights we’re fighting for citizens and immigrants alike – we’re also fighting for everyone around the world. This is not about borders – it’s about the world and the abuse that is workers by those in power. Of course, through our purchases we condone this abuse. Many should realize that the United States was not exactly the poster child for great working conditions so many years ago. Not only where children working in factories, but long work days were very common. We fought to end those arcane practices and won. Now we must continue to fight for those around the globe.

For those that prefer to carry on with their day like everything is fine and dandy you need to wake up and understand that these issues effect us all. Today it’s immigrants and tomorrow it’s you. Once a hideous practice becomes accepted as a norm in society it’s so easy to use it on anyone. When heavily armed police enter factories to ‘search’ for undocumented migrants that is unacceptable. Can you imagine them entering an office building with swat gear and machine guns? Well, keep accepting what’s going on and maybe you won’t need to. When rights are taken from one human being they are taken from us all. It’s like the many pedals on a sunflower – you don’t notice one is missing, but as the pedals are plucked away you’ll begin to see, and it will be too late.

So get together in unity and celebrate the fact that we the people can make a difference. Join the workers of the world and let’s make it a better place for all.

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